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    Can anyone help me with digital marketing benchmarks across various verticals and digital platforms for the Philippines specifically?



    Hi @suyash,

    What do you mean by “benchmark”? What kind of data, users, numbers, websites are you looking for?

    And for which specific industry?




    By benchmarks I mean the average spends per click or view or click through rate on different platforms.

    Platforms: Facebook, Google Search, Google Display, Twitter, Instagram

    Industries/verticals: FMCG, Retail, Technology & Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, BFSI, Automotive, Pharma, etc.

    Benchmarks (Philippines specific):
    Avg CPC
    Avg CPM
    Avg CPV
    Avg CPF
    Avg CPA
    Avg CPL
    Avg CTR




    As you may know the information on CPC, CPM, etc. is very sensitive to platforms like Google, Facebook and others, and they usually forbid the publication on internet of detailed prices and rates in their terms and conditions of use. Many people who have published this kind of information publicly in the past have seen their accounts suspended and have been blocked by the concerned platforms.

    However, some information can be published in aggregated form such as this little summary on AdWords CPC in ASEAN countries. It may be a start for your search.

    Furthermore, the information is usually made available by the platforms themselves who display it in their advertising systems, for which access is generally free. You should check there for more details.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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