40 stunning free photos of Thailand

Free photos of Thailand

Using great pictures is critical for marketing collateral to display a professional and appealing message to potential customers. These 40 free, high-definition stock pictures of Thailand will be a great help for you to design websites and brochures, especially for businesses in tourism and travel, real estate, food, luxury…

We have carefully collected these 40 beautiful free stock photos of Thailand for you to create all the eye-pleasing marketing messages that suit your purpose. They can be freely reused, modified and built upon, even for commercial use without any attribution or notification. If you use them, however, please consider adding a link back to ASEAN UP! 🙂

As several of these images can greatly fit the needs of tourism companies and perfectly expand upon these great travel videos for Thailand, many of these pictures could also be used in other industries such as hospitality, transport and entertainment, real estate or various business services.

Click on the images to open and download the high definition version of your picture. Enjoy! Here are the themes of photos with direct links to avoid scrolling:

Culture and heritage photos

Grand Palace by night

Buddhas statues

Grand Palace

Buddha statue


Garudas statues

Tuk Tuk

Buddhist temple

Beach and sea photos

Beach at sunset


Beach with golden light

Corals and fish

Whale shark and fish

Fire chains show at night

Sailboat on the sea

Nature and landscapes photos

Hutts along the river in a forest


Lotus flower

Monkey on a beach

Man on an elephant

Sleeping monkey

Bangkok and city photos

Bangkok buildings

Chinatown in Bangkok

Indoor pathway in the modern art museum of Bangkok

Traffic jam in Chinatown in Bangkok

View from a high rise in Bangkok

Food and beverages photos

Pad Thai


Food stall

Food stalls at night

Papaya salad

Thai people photos

Monks walking on petals

Ethnic girl sitting

Old thai man

Woman with an umbrella

Other photos

Flying lanterns at night

Night market from above

Paper umbrellas

Rock climber near the beach

Fireworks on the sea

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