Empowering business in Southeast Asia

Insights on the fashion industry in Vietnam

Vietnam fashion survey

Fueled by the growing middle class, the fashion and garment industries are booming in Vietnam. With fierce competition between local and foreign companies, both in traditional retail and e-commerce, here is some information to navigate the market and understand fashion buyers’ consumer behaviors.  Continue reading

Ideas for business trips activities in Singapore

Singapore business trip ideas

A world renown location for business, Singapore is also a growing hub for tourism. Not surprisingly it is therefore a famous destination for business trips of companies and teams from all over Southeast Asia and beyond. Here are some ideas to organize interesting business trips that go out of the ordinary in the Lion City. Continue reading

Opportunities for InsurTech in Asia

Introduction to InsurTech in Asia-Pacific

As for many other industries, the development of technology is transforming the insurance industry. With sensors incorporated in wearable gadgets, built in cars or installed in houses, individuals’ health and behaviors can be tracked in real-time through a vast array of data that is now integrated into new risk modeling. Continue reading

Top e-commerce sites in Malaysia 2017

Top e-commerce sites in Malaysia

With its dynamic economy and developed infrastructures for digital technologies, Malaysia is a very attractive market for e-commerce in Southeast Asia. Several websites and digital applications are already present in the Malaysian e-commerce landscape, with some global, regional and national players grabbing their shares. Continue reading

International expansion tips from the Philippines

Tips for international expansion from the Philippines

Growing a company beyond its original country is a dream for many business owners and managers. Relating their experiences from expanding their businesses out of their original base in the Philippines, two business leaders share their stories, insights and tips for those interested in growing their companies abroad. Continue reading

Empowering business in Southeast Asia


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