Empowering business in Southeast Asia

ASEAN infographics: demography, top cities, urbanization

ASEAN infographics: demography, growth, top cities, urbanization

Cities and urbanization are some of the most important drivers of Southeast Asia’s economic dynamism, environmental, societal and cultural change. To better understand the challenge and opportunities they bring, here are 4 infographics summarizing urban trends on the demography and rural exodus in ASEAN. Continue reading

Top 50 Blogs from Malaysia 2017

Top 50 Blogs Malaysia 2017

Malaysia is one of the most dynamic digital market in Southeast Asia with a profusion of famous blogs. The following Top 50 blogs from Malaysia was created to gather the most prominent blogs of the Malaysian online community and help everyone find and learn from digital thought-leaders and trendsetters of the region. Continue reading

Top e-commerce sites in the Philippines 2017

Top e-commerce sites in the Philippines

With a dynamic economy and a large population proficient with digital technologies, the Philippines is a fast-growing market for e-commerce in Southeast Asia. Several websites and digital applications are already fighting for market share, with global, regional and national players trying to come up to the leader. Continue reading

Top 45 companies from Indonesia’s LQ45

Indonesia's 45 largest listed companies

The 45 largest public listed companies of Indonesia, components of the LQ45 index, are major actors in the economy of Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the world. With a short presentation of each company, its sector and logo, this following list provides useful information and links to the company’s website and its stock quote. Continue reading

Empowering business in Southeast Asia


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