Empowering business in Southeast Asia

International expansion tips from the Philippines

Tips for international expansion from the Philippines

Growing a company beyond its original country is a dream for many business owners and managers. Relating their experiences from expanding their businesses out of their original base in the Philippines, two business leaders share their stories, insights and tips for those interested in growing their companies abroad. Continue reading

Digital advertising: AdWords CPC in ASEAN countries

AdWords CPC in ASEAN countries

Online advertising is an easy and efficient means to reach new customers in Southeast Asia. However, the cost-per-click – CPC – varies greatly between the different ASEAN countries, and it should therefore be evaluated properly by people planning how to spend their marketing budget or monetizing their websites. Continue reading

Thailand Salary Guide 2017

Thailand salary guide 2017

Whether you are looking for employees to hire or to find a job that suits your profile, knowing the salaries usually granted for certain positions, in certain industries and with a certain level of experience can be very useful. For such purpose, here is a detailed report to assess your HR cost or salary expectations in Thailand. Continue reading

Insights on news consumption in Indonesia

Indonesia news consumption

With the spread of mobile devices in Indonesia, ways of consulting and consuming news are changing rapidly. Through new online media, Indonesians from all age groups and socioeconomic categories are adapting their behaviors and engaging into new ways to get informed and entertained. Continue reading

Top 50 Blogs from Singapore 2017

Top 50 Blogs Singapore 2017

Singapore is home to a vibrant blogging community and an internet powerhouse of Southeast Asia. The following Top 50 blogs from Singapore was therefore created to list the pillars of the Singaporean online community and, for many of them, thought-leaders of the regional and global blogosphere. Continue reading

Empowering business in Southeast Asia


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