Top 30 Facebook pages of the Philippines

Top Facebook pages in the Philippines

With about 60 million Facebook users, the Philippines has one of the largest and most active population on the social network. It is therefore no surprise that it also counts numerous business pages on Facebook gathering millions of Filipino followers. Here are 30 of the most popular Facebook pages in the Philippines.

The leading social media by far, Facebook is indispensable to almost any digital presence. With detailed analytics to measure the efficiency of both regular posts and advertising, Facebook has become a professional marketing platform.

Digital in Philippines 2018
Numbers of Internet, social media and mobile users in the Philippines in 2018

To help you navigate the Philippine Facebook environment, the following list presents the 30 leading business pages in the Philippines to get inspiration from, and if you can bring them some value, maybe also engage in common activities.

They regroup an array of different types of business and public figures, artists, companies, like Globe Telecom and BDO which are some of the largest companies in the Philippines, media, such as and Rappler which are leading media in Southeast Asia, as well as magazines, TV shows…

Note that the pages ranks are as of the beginning of March 2018, and due to the diversity of business pages and companies on Facebook, and to enhance the value of the list presented here, certain criteria were used to define this Top 30.

Selection criteria

Only pages verified by Facebook were short listed to ensure the authenticity of pages presented: certain unofficial, paid or illegitimate pages may gather large communities but are of little interest for business.

Only pages targeted exclusively to the Philippines were included:

  • Certain brands (especially large multinationals like McDonald’s, Dell, etc.) have multi-countries business pages, which gather users from many countries into a single community and redirect them to a localized page for each individual country; these pages were not included.
  • Though some large and famous brands are originally from the Philippines, these have expanded or are targeting beyond the borders of the Philippines. They have a global audience and sometimes a multi-countries page; these were not included either. Such pages notably include leading Philippine companies like Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines.

List of the top 30 verified pages in the Philippines

Pages were ranked according to the number of “fans” they regroup, and their category was added to help you find the ones that will be most interesting to you and your business. Some top verified pages may have been omitted due to the limited criteria of research on Facebook.


Type: TV Network – Likes: 16.5 M – FB Page: ABS-CBN

Angel Locsin2. Angel Locsin

Type: Artist – Likes: 15.5 M – FB Page: Angel Locsin


Type: Broadcasting & Media Production Company – Likes: 14.9 M – FB Page: ABS-CBN News

Vice Ganda4. Vice Ganda

Type: Artist – Likes: 14.4 M – FB Page: Vice Ganda

Anne Curtis5. Anne Curtis

Type: Artist – Likes: 14.3 M – FB Page: Anne Curtis

Sarah Geronimo6. Sarah Geronimo

Type: Artist – Likes: 13.3 M – FB Page: Sarah Geronimo

Jennylyn Mercado7. Jennylyn Mercado

Type: Artist – Likes: 9.5 M – FB Page: Jennylyn Mercado

MYX Philippines8. MYX Philippines

Type: TV Channel – Likes: 7 M – FB Page: MYX Philippines

Star Cinema9. ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc. (Star Cinema)

Type: Movie/Television Studio – Likes: 6.6 M – FB Page: ABS-CBN Film Productions Inc. (Star Cinema)

Alodia Gosiengfiao10. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Type: Media – Likes: 6.1 M – FB Page: Alodia Gosiengfiao

Pinoy Big Brother11. Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn

Type: TV Show – Likes: 6 M – FB Page: Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn

Yexel Sebastian12. Yexel Sebastian

Type: Public Figure – Likes: 4.9 M – FB Page: Yexel Sebastian

Globe Telecom13. Globe Telecom

Type: Telecommunication Company – Likes: 4.8 M – FB Page: Globe Telecom

Definitely Filipino14. Definitely Filipino

Type: News & Media Website – Likes: 4.7 M – FB Page: Definitely Filipino

Yummy PH15. Yummy PH

Type: Magazine – Likes: 4.7 M – FB Page: Yummy PH

Enchong Dee16. Enchong Dee

Type: Artist – Likes: 4.5 M – FB Page: Enchong Dee

Cosmopolitan Philippines17. Cosmopolitan Philippines

Type: Publisher – Likes: 4.1 M – FB Page: Cosmopolitan Philippines

FHM Philippines18. FHM Philippines

Type: Magazine – Likes: 4.1 M – FB Page: FHM Philippines

Maine Mendoza19. Maine Mendoza

Type: Public Figure – Likes: 4.1 M – FB Page: Maine Mendoza

OLX Philippines20. OLX Philippines

Type: App Page – Likes: 4.1 M – FB Page: OLX Philippines

Smart Communications21. Smart Communications, Inc.

Type: Telecommunication Company – Likes: 4.1 M – FB Page: Smart Communications, Inc.

Candy Magazine22. Candy Magazine

Type: College & University – Likes: 3.9 M – FB Page: Candy Magazine

The Voice of the Philippines23. The Voice of the Philippines

Type: TV Show – Likes: 3.7 M – FB Page: The Voice of the Philippines


Type: Media/News Company – Likes: 3.6 M – FB Page:

Rappler25. Rappler

Type: Media – Likes: 3.6 M – FB Page: Rappler

BDO Unibank26. BDO Unibank

Type: Finance Company – Likes: 3.4 M – FB Page: BDO Unibank

Top Gear Philippines27. Top Gear Philippines

Type: Magazine – Likes: 3.2 M – FB Page: Top Gear Philippines

NBA Philippines28. NBA Philippines

Type: Sports League – Likes: 3.1 M – FB Page: NBA Philippines

Playboy Philippines29. Playboy Philippines

Type: Publisher – Likes: 3.1 M – FB Page: Playboy Philippines

COCA-COLA Philippines30. COCA-COLA Philippines

Type: Food & Beverage Company – Likes: 3 M – FB Page: COCA-COLA Philippines

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