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Southeast Asia: digital in 2017

Southeast Asia digital, social and mobile 2017

Southeast Asia is experiencing a rapid growth of Internet, digital, social media and mobile activity. With more than 320 million Internet users in January 2017 and double-digit growth in most segments and most countries of the region, the digital sector is booming and attracting a lot of interests. Continue reading

Singapore digital habits

Digital behaviors and habits in Singapore

Though Singapore is a rather small country in Southeast Asia, when it comes to mobile devices, Internet, social media and e-commerce, Singaporeans are some of the most active users in the region and the world. With such a mature digital market, Singapore has become a global hub and a regional capital for tech companies. Continue reading

Asia-Pacific digital landscape 2014

Asia-Pacific digital overview 2014

Slideshow of the digital, social and mobile environment of Internet in Asia-Pacific in 2014, for the whole region as well as in each country that make it up. This detailed presentation will take you through various statistics and data about population, use and access to digital technologies and devices in APAC, in an easily digested format. Continue reading

Internet Trends 2014

Internet trends 2014

KPCB recently released its Internet Trends review for 2014 that presents key data on many sectors of the Internet in the whole world: growth, mobile, technology used, monetization, social networks… Here’s the long and detailed presentation, a must see for everyone working with or through Internet. Continue reading