Southeast Asia digital, social and mobile 2017

Southeast Asia: digital in 2017

Southeast Asia is experiencing a rapid growth of Internet, digital, social media and mobile activity. With more than 320 million Internet users in January 2017 and double-digit growth in most segments and most countries of the region, the digital sector is booming and attracting a lot of interests.

Digital, Social and Mobile in Southeast Asia

Key figures for ASEAN-6 countries

To recapitulate the numbers for the 6 largest countries in one glance, here is a summary of the numbers gathered for ASEAN-6 countries, with total population, Internet users, social media users, mobile connections and mobile social users for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

ASEAN-6 digital population 2017

Highlights of the Southeast Asian digital landscape 2015

Taken as a single bloc, Southeast Asia regroups a large population of digital users that take it to levels where it can stand the comparison with the leading global markets (US, EU, China…) for all of digital activities: Internet, social media, mobile and mobile social.

But it is the region’s growth numbers that are even more impressive, with high double digit growth in all segments. This growth has primarily been enabled in 2017 through the expansion of technological infrastructures that support Internet and mobile connections.

Such growth should continue on a similar trend for some more years to come. The large and growing digital population should help sustain digital business expansion and keep on attracting more and more businesses online, providing new ways for marketing in ASEAN and enhancing the fast-growing Souhteast Asia’s e-commerce sector.

Details of Digital, Social and Mobile in Southeast Asia, November 2017

Global overview – slide 6

  • Global digital snapshot – slide 7
  • Annual growth – slide 8
  • Digital users distribution by region – slide 9
  • Global Internet use and penetration – slide 10
  • Share of web traffic by device – slide 11
  • Social media use – slide 12
  • Active users of key global social platforms – slide 13
  • Mobile connections by device – slide 14
  • Global e-commerce revenues – slide 15
  • Hootsuite’s perspective: 2017 trends – slide 16
  • Digital in 2017: We are social’s analysis – slide 17

Country profiles – slide 19

  • Brunei  – slide 20
  • Cambodia  – slide 26
  • Indonesia  – slide 32
  • Laos – slide 55
  • Malaysia – slide 61
  • Myanmar – slide 84
  • Philippines – slide 90
  • Singapore – slide 113
  • Thailand – slide 136
  • Timor Leste – slide 159
  • Vietnam – slide 165

Presentation from January 2017 by We Are Social Singapore

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  1. For social media users, they are actually active users accounts in the main social platforms, not unique social media users.

    It means that in some countries (Thailand, Philippines…) there are more accounts than users: it could be people with multiple accounts, tourists visiting the country, etc.

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