Top 30 companies from the Philippines’ PSEi

Philippines' 30 largest listed companies

The 30 largest corporations of the Philippines weigh very heavily in the country’s economy, and further, in Southeast Asia and the world. Together forming the PSEi index, the main stock index of the country, they have been regrouped in this handy list that presents each company and its activities, together with useful links.

List of the 30 components of the PSEi index

The Philippine Stock Exchange logoIn the Philippines, large companies often become corporations to get listed on the stock exchange, comply with the regulatory agencies and gain access to capital from stock markets.

In the Philippines, such corporations are quoted in the Philippine Stock Exchange – PSE, which is in charge of ensuring proper market conditions for the trading of the country’s stocks. The PSE is a member of the ASEAN Exchanges.

To develop trading and ease the evaluation of the Philippine market, the stock prices of the thirty largest corporations of the Philippines are compiled together to form the PSE Composite Index – abbreviated PSEi –, a capitalization-weighted index that is widely accepted as a reference index of the Philippines, among other indexes.

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The PSEi index

The real-time quotation of the PSE Composite Index – PSEi – can be followed from the Philippine Stock Exchange’s website and through the convenient graphical tools from Bloomberg or the ASEAN Exchanges. For more information on the PSEi index and the up-to-date weights of each stock, check the information from the PSE website.

Snapshot of PSEi as of 25/03/16 from Bloomberg

Details of the top 30 largest listed companies of the Philippines

To help you learn more about these economic heavyweights, the list of the thirty companies that compose the PSEi index – the thirty largest publicly listed corporations of the Philippines –, has been regrouped hereafter with presentations of each company’s activities, direct links to its websites and stock prices live details from the PSE website.

Even though some of these companies are subsidiaries from the same group, several of these Philippine corporations, including some of these subsidiaries, are also part of the largest companies in Southeast Asia.

For more information about the other top public listed companies of Southeast Asia, check the lists of companies in other major ASEAN countries:

Quick links to the top 30 public listed companies in the Philippines’ PSEi

To facilitate browsing in this list, here are links to go directly to the details of any of the PSEi companies.

For the second semester of 2017, the full detailed list of the constituents of the PSEI is as follows.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Aboitiz Equity Ventures logoSector: Holding Firms

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. is the publicly listed holding and investment company of the Aboitiz Group, notably involved in power, banking and financial services, food, land, and infrastructure.

Website: – stock symbol: AEV

Aboitiz Power

Aboiotiz Power logoSector: Energy & Utilities

A leader in the Philippines’ power sector, AboitizPower Corporation is Aboitiz Group’s holding company for investments in power generation, distribution and retail electricity services.

Website: – stock symbol: AP

Alliance Global Group

Alliance Global logoSector: Holding Firms

Alliance Global Group, Inc. is a conglomerate involved in the food and beverage industry, real estate development and quick service restaurants, franchisee of McDonald’s in the Philippines.

Website: – stock symbol: AGI


Ayala logoSector: Holding Firms

Ayala Corporation is the Philippines’ oldest and largest conglomerate, with interests in retail, education, real estate, banking, telecommunications, water infrastructure, renewable energy, electronics, information technology, automotive, healthcare and business process outsourcing.

Website: – stock symbol: AC

Ayala Land

Ayala Land logoSector: Real Estate

A subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, Ayala Land, Inc. is the largest property developer in the Philippines, with core businesses in strategic landbank management, residential development, shopping centers, corporate businesses, and hotels.

Website: – stock symbol: ALI

Bank of The Philippine Islands

BPI logoSector: Finance

The Bank of The Philippine Islands is the oldest and one of the largest banks in the Philippines, currently owned by Ayala Corporation. It is involved in consumer banking and lending, asset management, insurance, securities brokerage and distribution, foreign exchange, leasing, and corporate and investment banking.

Website: – stock symbol: BPI

BDO Unibank

BDO logoSector: Finance

BDO Unibank, also known as BDO and Banco De Oro, is the largest bank in the Philippines belonging to the SM Group of Companies. It is a universal bank with subsidiaries operating in leasing and financing, investment banking, private banking, insurance, and stock brokerage.

Website: – stock symbol: BDO

DMCI Holdings

DMCI Holdings logoSector: Holding Firms

DMCI Holdings is a company primarily engaged in the construction business and construction components. Through its various subsidiaries, it is involved in construction services, property development, mining, power plant construction and operation, and water distribution.

Website: – stock symbol: DMC

First Gen

First Gen logoSector: Energy & Utilities

First Gen Corporation is a leading power production and energy services company, subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corporation. It operates several power plants throughout the country based upon several sources of energy: geothermal, solar, natural gas, hydroelectricity, and wind power.

Website: – stock symbol: FGEN

Globe Telecom

Globe logoSector: Telecommunications

Globe Telecom, also known as Globe, is a major telecommunications services company operating one of the largest mobile, fixed-line, and broadband networks in the Philippines.

Website: – stock symbol: GLO

GT Capital Holdings

GT Capital logoSector: Holding Firms

GT Capital Holdings is a conglomerate involved in banking, property development, power generation, automotive assembly, importation, wholesaling, dealership, and financing, and life and non-life insurance.

Website: – stock symbol: GTCAP

International Container Terminal Services

International Container Terminal Services logoSector: Transportation & Logistics

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. – ICSTI – is a port management company. Historically operating the Manila International Container Terminal, ICTSI is now in the businesses of acquiring, developing, managing and operating container ports and terminals worldwide.

Website: – stock symbol: ICT

JG Summit Holdings

JG Summit Holdings logoSector: Holding Firms

JG Summit Holdings, Inc. is a leading conglomerate involved in a variety of industries: food and beverages, real estate and hotels, air transportation, banking, petrochemicals, telecommunications and in power distribution.

Website: – stock symbol: JGS

Jollibee Foods

Jollibee logoSector: Food & Beverages

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, operating more than 750 stores, and engaged in international expansion in the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei.

Website: – stock symbol: JFC

LT Group

LT Group logoSector: Holding Firms

LT Group is a conglomerate majority-owned by Tangent Holdings Corporation, which operates across consumer-focused businesses of beverages and distilled spirits, tobacco, property development, and banking.

Website: – stock symbol: LTG

Manila Electric Company

Meralco logoSector: Energy & Utilities

The Manila Electric Company, also known as Meralco, is the largest distributor of electrical power in the Philippines.

Website: – stock symbol: MER


Megaworld logoSector: Real Estate

Megaworld Corporation is a leading real estate developer in the Philippines. It is primarily involved in the development of large-scale, mixed-use, planned communities and in the development and administration of offices for business-process outsourcing.

Website: – stock symbol: MEG

Metro Pacific Investments

Metro Pacific Investments logoSector: Holding Firms

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation is a leading infrastructure holding company operating in water utilities, toll roads, electricity distribution, hospitals, and light rail.

Website: – stock symbol: MPI

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company

Metrobank logoSector: Finance

The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, also known as Metrobank, is the second-largest bank in the Philippines with a diverse offering of financial services, from consumer and business banking to insurance.

Website: – stock symbol: MBT


Petron logoSector: Energy & Utilities

Petron Corporation is the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, supplying about 40% of the country’s oil requirements. It is majority-owned by the San Miguel Corporation.

Website: – stock symbol: PCOR

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company

PLDT logoSector: Telecommunications

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, commonly known as PLDT, is the largest telecommunications and digital services company in the Philippines, with businesses in fixed-line and wireless networks.

Website: – stock symbol: TEL

Puregold Price Club

Puregold Price Club logoSector: Commerce

Puregold Price Club, better known as Puregold is a chain of supermarkets engaged in the retail and wholesale of consumer goods in the Philippines.

Website: – stock symbol: PGOLD

Robinsons Land

Robinsons Land Corporation logoSector: Real Estate

Robinsons Land Corporation is a leading real estate company involved in the development and operation of shopping malls and hotels, mixed-use properties, office buildings, residential condominiums, and housing.

Website: – stock symbol: RLC

Robinsons Retail Holdings

Robinsons Retail Holdings logoSector: Commerce

Robinsons Retail Holdings is a retail company operating several brands in the Philippines including Handyman Do it Best, True Value, Topshop, Topman, Toys “R” Us, Ministop, Daiso Japan, Costa Coffee.

Website: – stock symbol: RRHI

San Miguel

San Miguel logoSector: Food & Beverages

San Miguel Corporation is Southeast Asia’s largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company as well as the Philippines’ largest corporation in terms of revenue. It is a diversified conglomerate with operations in beverages (notably the flagship San Miguel beer), food, packaging, fuel and oil, power, mining, and infrastructure.

Website: – stock symbol: SMC

Security Bank

Security Bank logoSector: Finance

Security Bank is a universal bank in the Philippines operating in Corporate and Investment Banking, Commercial Middle Market Banking, Retail Banking, and Financial Markets, with a solid niche among the mass affluent Filipino-Chinese community.

Website: – stock symbol: SECB

SM Investments

SM Investments logoSector: Holding Firms

SM Investments Corporation, SM Investments, or SMIC, is a holding company involved in shopping mall development and management, retail, real estate development, banking, and tourism.

Website: – stock symbol: SM

SM Prime Holdings

SM Prime logoSector: Real Estate

SM Prime Holdings, or SM Prime, is the SM Group’s company in charge of developing, operating and maintaining shopping malls and their related businesses in retail. Its revenues originate from rental income, as well as entertainment businesses such as cinema ticket sales, bowling and ice-skating.

Website: – stock symbol: SMPH

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation

Semirara logoSector: Mining / Energy & Utilities

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation is the largest coal producer in the Philippines, which is also involved in power production. By integrating its mining and power activities, the company can better manage fuel supply and power production.

Website: – stock symbol: SCC

Universal Robina

Universal Robina Corporation logoSector: Food & Beverages

Universal Robina Corporation is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the Philippines, with an important and growing presence in other ASEAN markets. It is involved in the manufacture and distribution of branded consumer foods, commodities, and agro-industrial businesses.

Website: – stock symbol: URC

Here is a summary of the list of the 30 Philippine companies in the PSEi index with their name, logo, sector, and stock symbol.

List of the 30 Philippine companies in the PSEi index, with logo, sector and stock symbol

Here are the thirty largest publicly listed companies in the Philippines. Did you know them all? Do you have any idea how they should keep on growing their activities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world?

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  1. If ever I would like to buy a share, or invest in any of these companies how much is the minimum expenditure that I would need to spend to have a share or investment in the company? I know as of now I don’t have enough money to do that but I just ask this question to have an idea of what the best thing is to do with my money in the future. I hope you appreciate it, thank you in advance.

  2. If I invest money in the companies listed above and their profits go down, will I get deductions from the principal money I invested?

  3. If I buy shares from the companies listed above and their stocks go down, will I get deductions from the principal money that I invested? and how will I know if I can still recover it or not? Is there a way to see what seminar I may possibly attend?

    1. Hi Marvy,
      Well, you obviously need to learn about stocks investing and trading before buying anything.
      There are lots of risks associated with stocks and securities, but if you can manage your investments and portfolio properly, there can also be interesting rewards.
      You should probably start with the information available online from reliable sources (such as famous universities or international business media): some may have free resources and tutorials on their websites or Youtube channels.

    2. Try investing in Mutual Funds. There’s a Professional Fund Manager who will handle the funds in behalf of you.

    3. Hi Marvy, let me try to answer your question.

      1. Stock price go down — Yes, capital loss is part of investing in stock index.
      2. Recovery — Stock investments are not guaranteed. They vary according to actual market prices of these companies. One way to recover is wait as long-term investing evens out losses or may even give you positive returns.
      3. Seminar — Check seminars with Philippine Stock Exchange, mutual fund companies, or stock brokers like COL Financials, First Metro Securities, BDO Nomura, etc.

  4. How can I buy stocks and How many stocks I need to buy is there any minimum required? Thank u v much

    1. Hi Anna,
      1. How can I buy stocks? – Open an account with a stock broker. This is the list of accredited PSE brokers.
      2. There is a minimum number of stocks per company. It’s called board lot. You can actually ask your broker about this.

  5. When will I go to buy the shares of stock of the top 30 listed companies? Is it through my bank or elsewhere? What will I get in return evidencing my investment? Suppose I am going to sell the shares, whom I will approach? Where can I go to track the value of the shares of the top 30 companies in the Phil?

    1. Hi Joseph,
      1. Where to buy stocks? — Open an account with a stockbroker. Here’s the list of PSE-accredited brokers.

      2. Is it through my bank or elsewhere? — Some banks have affiliate stock brokers. You may check the list to see which one best suits your needs.

      3. What will I get in return evidencing my investment? — Your broker will give you confirmation on the stocks that you acquired.

      4. Sell the shares, whom I will approach? — You sell the shares the same way you purchase them: through the broker.

      5. Where can I go to track the value of the shares of the top 30 companies in the Phil? — Check the PSE for the last trade price of these companies. You can also invest in index funds so that your returns mirror the index.

  6. I started investing in these big companies by buying ETF of first metro, though I have other invested in index mutual fund which I intend to sell and buy more fmetf once this pandemic is over and my mutual funds goes back in green

  7. Which of these companies are best for a graduate of BS Entrepreneurship?
    what would you suggest to me? I want more info because someday I’m going to be an Intern after 3 yrs that’s why I want to know what is the best company??

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