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ASEAN stock exchanges website

The major stock exchanges in ASEAN actively collaborate to promote ASEAN stocks as a common asset class. In this spirit, they have set up a very useful website for stock investors to follow in real time the evolution of stocks and indexes for each of the seven major stock exchanges and as an aggregated ASEAN market and index.

The ASEAN stock exchanges as one market

To actively push into the ASEAN Economic Community through stocks investment, the stock exchanges of ASEAN have collaborated to create a useful financial monitoring website allowing to follow the evolution of stocks across the seven major marketplaces of ASEAN:

  • Bursa Malaysia – KLSE
  • Hanoi Stock Exchange – HSE
  • Hochiminh Stock Exchange – HOSE
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange – IDSE
  • The Philippine Stoch Exchange – PSE
  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand – SET
  • Singapore Exchange – SGX

ASEAN stocks monitoring and information

The website enables all those interested in the evolution of the seven markets and listed companies, the various indexes of each of the seven exchange and the aggregated index “FTSE ASEAN 40”, to follow their movements in real time. Users can filter stocks by percentage change, net change and volume for each market, sector, or as an aggregated ASEAN market.

The ASEAN exchange website also publishes news related to the market and stocks that can be tracked. All information can equally be filtered by market and sectors, and it comes with detailed analysis and graphs of evolution through various periods. A media center and tweeter feed has also be provided for official news and press releases.

Monitoring ASEAN stocks
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