Top 10 e-commerce sites in Indonesia 2019

Top e-commerce sites in Indonesia

The most populous country in Southeast Asia by far, Indonesia is still in an early stage of development when it comes to internet, mobile and digital technologies. It is, therefore, one of the most sought-after markets globally for e-commerce, with large local players and global heavyweights fighting for this enormous growing market.

The rapid development of infrastructures brings more and more of Indonesia’s 260 million inhabitants online. Primarily accessing the internet through mobile devices, the large demographic of connected Indonesian drives the development of the country’s technology companies and ecosystem, particularly the online shopping market.

Key digital numbers in Indonesia 2019
Key digital numbers in Indonesia 2019

Indonesia’s e-commerce has been a red hot market for years as many businesses are interested in its enormous potential. Aware of the country’s large population and anticipating its digital explosion, local and foreign companies, and investors have launched e-commerce websites, applications and marketplaces. Some of them have become very successful, with millions of visitors every month.

Top 10 e-commerce websites in Indonesia

It is not surprising that the Indonesian market is already counting several large players who already reap the benefits of the country’s explosive digital growth. However, without a clearly hegemonic leader and a lot of room for growth, Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asian e-commerce that can easily allow the development of underdogs and the entry of newcomers.

Note that this post is part of a series on top e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia:

To give you more perspective of the large volumes and the competition in Indonesian e-commerce, here are the current top 10 leaders of e-commerce websites in 2019 and their estimated monthly traffic for April 2019 from SimilarWeb.

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10. Zalora Indonesia

Zalora Indonesia website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 3,750,000

Zalora is the largest e-commerce site in Southeast Asia specialized in fashion. Enabling fashion brands to sell their products to the site’s visitors, Zalora was founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet. Zalora is present in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and has recently launched in Taiwan.


9. Sociolla

Sociolla website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 4,400,000

A specialized e-commerce store, Sociolla provides beauty and cosmetics products through their online shopping website for Indonesian women. It offers a complete online shopping destination for authentic and quality products including makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrance and beauty tools.


8. Bhinneka

Bhinneka website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 5,950,000

Bhinneka is a chain of specialized department stores providing computers and gadgets, electronics, home appliances, and electric accessories and tools. A pioneer of e-commerce in Indonesia, Bhinneka has developed its web platform to sell these products online.


7. website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 8,600,000

A diversified online department store, provides a variety of product categories such as fashion, electronics, and gadgets, family and health. Launched in November 2015, is a subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce company, also known as Jingdong.


6. Orami

Orami website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 9,050,000

Orami is a specialized e-commerce platform providing baby-care, family and home products. It proposes an efficient and cheap solution for Malaysians to do their shopping from home for a wide range of products including baby clothing, hygiene, food and nutrition, toys and accessories, as well as a series of related services.


5. Blibli

Blibli website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 34,200,000

Blibli is an online shopping mall with a diversified offer of products from computers and gadgets, fashion, health and beauty, mother and child, home and decoration, automotive. It also provides visitors and customers with special promotions, tickets, and vouchers.


4. Lazada Indonesia

Lazada Indonesia website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 47,800,000

A leader of e-commerce in Indonesia, also present in Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, Lazada is an online department store and marketplace for retailers to sell their own products. Founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba acquired a controlling stake in Lazada and its operations in Southeast Asia in 2016.


3. Bukalapak

Bukalapak website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 95,100,000

Bukalapak is another of the leading online marketplaces in Indonesia, providing an e-commerce platform for brands and individuals to easily buy and sell online. Bukalapak insists on the ease and reliability of e-commerce, providing extra financial guarantees to its customers.


2. Shopee Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 95,300,000

An important player in the region, especially in “mobile-first” countries, Shopee is a primarily mobile, diversified online shop also providing a regular web shopping experience. A major platform throughout Southeast Asia, Shopee is also present in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as in Taiwan.


1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia website

Monthly Traffic Estimate: 148,500,000

Tokopedia is the largest online marketplace in Indonesia, allowing individuals and businesses to open and easily manage their own online stores. It has received funding for more than 100 million US $ from Japan’s Softbank and the famous American tech venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital.


Top e-commerce mobile applications in Indonesia

Besides their websites, most of the top 10 e-commerce players detailed here also have mobile applications available on the different apps platforms to allow users to shop online through mobile devices.

In addition to some players like Shopee who are primarily present in mobile commerce, the digital application also Carousell has a strong mobile presence. Other strong mobile commerce players in Indonesia include Sale Stock, Taobao, and Akulaku.

Indonesia’s top e-commerce websites compared by estimated traffic

The estimated monthly traffic from the top 10 e-commerce websites previously listed demonstrates that Tokopedia has managed to become the leader in Indonesia with about 150 million visits per month. Shopee and Bukalapak are fighting for the second place, around 100 million visitors per month, with Lazada and Blibli following not far.

Top e-commerce sites in Indonesia by estimated monthly traffic 2019

Though generalist websites make up for the largest part of Indonesian e-commerce with a few category-specific players, some specific brands are also very active to sell their products online. In Indonesia, Traveloka and Garuda Indonesia are leading hotels and travel bookings industry and online airline ticketing respectively.

Leading the peer-to-peer classifieds market of Indonesia, with more than 70 million visitors per month, Kaskus can also be highlighted for its size, potential and intention to move towards e-commerce. There are several other classifieds players, general or specialized in cars and/or houses and apartments, but few really make a difference besides OLX Indonesia, which also has more than 50 million visitors per month.

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    1. Thanks for your information, please share more information related to Ecommerce growth in Indonesia.

  1. The retail sites in Indonesia are terrible – they are so user unfriendly due to the sheer mass of products from thousands of resellers. There is no work to ensure there are no fakes, or cheap products claiming to be something they are not. This is where the quality of the webshops reflects again the quality of products being offered.
    If you are for example on the search for some new polarized sunglasses (which cost at least 400k Rp even at the low end, as polarization is expensive) every site mentioned above shows thousands of listings of “polarized” sunglasses for e.g 50k Rp – its lies, pure junk. To find actual real product on these sites is impossible. Not a good sign for the future of online retail here, as people will lose faith in the sites as the offerings are all junk and lies.

    1. Yes, some stores or re sellers sell junk stuff but look at the huge numbers, there are a lot of good sellers online in Indonesia.

  2. According to iPrice’s 21 2019 e-commerce report, Shopee was the top Shopping App by Monthly Active Users, Total Downloads and Websites with the Most Visits, ahead of its competitors, Lazada and Tokopedia.

  3. It would be interesting to see the above chart updated. There was a research Snapcart which was showing that Shopee was the most frequently used online shopping site for shopping during Ramadan and Eid 2020 (66 percent), with 59 percent of consumers in Jabodetabek choosing Shopee to shop online, and 72 percent of non-consumers.
    Next are the Tokopedia (15 percent), Lazada (12 percent) and Bukalapak (5 percent) followed by JD.ID, Blibli, Zalora, Sorabel, Berrybenka, Qoo10, and Zilingo.
    However, I personally prefer smaller e-commerce sites which are not so overloaded and give one a unique shopping feeling 😉

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