Overview of business in Brunei

A small nation on the island of Borneo, Brunei is an oil rich sultanate in the middle of Southeast Asia. With a small population of less than half a million people, Brunei is very dependent on its well-developed oil and gas industry, and aims at the diversification of its economy.

Map of Brunei
Map of Brunei
  • Official country name: Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace (Negara Brunei Darussalam)
  • Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Total Area: 5,765 km²
  • Government: Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy
  • Currency: Brunei Dollar – BND
  • Fixed Exchange Rate: 1 Brunei Dollar = 1 Singapore Dollar
  • Drives on the: left
  • Calling Code: +673
  • Internet TLD: .bn


  • Population: 417,200 (July 2015 Estimate)
  • Population Density: 72.11/km²
  • Official Languages: Malay, English (recognised)
  • HDI: 0.856 (very high)
  • Ethnic Groups: (2004)
    • 66.3% Malays
    • 11.2% Chinese
    • 3.4% Indigenous Borneans
    • 2.3% Indians
    • 16.8% other

Taxes in Brunei

Aiming at helping local businesses and attracting foreign companies, the Bruneian government has implemented a very competitive tax system, which however sets the oil and gas industry aside.

Key economic data of Laos

Emblem of Brunei
Emblem of Brunei
  • GDP (PPP): USD 33.376 Billion (2016 Estimate)
  • GDP per Capita (PPP): USD 80,000
  • GDP (Nominal): USD 13.002 Billion (2015 Estimate)
  • GDP per Capita (Nominal): USD 30,933
  • GDP Growth: -2.3% (2014)
  • GDP by sector: (2010)
    • agriculture: 0.7%
    • industry: 73.3%
    • services: 26%
  • Labor force: 188,800 (2008)
  • Labor force by occupation: (2003)
    • agriculture 4.5%
    • industry 63.1%
    • services 32.4%
  • Unemployment: 3.7% (2010)
  • Inflation: 1.2% (2010)

Main industries of Brunei

Though it aims at diversifying its economy, Brunei is heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry. The authorities have however launched an ambitious plan to diversify the economy and develop the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

  • petroleum
  • petroleum refining
  • liquefied natural gas
  • construction

Brunei digital

Very well connected, the penetration of digital and mobile technologies in Brunei is very high.

Digital in Brunei 2018
Numbers of Internet, social media and mobile users in Brunei in 2018

Brunei trade data

With relatively high trade volumes compared to its size, Brunei is very dependent on oil and gas exports and imports.

Exports: USD 10.670 Billion (2008)

Main Export Partners: (2012 Estimate)

  • Japan 46.5%
  • South Korea 15.5%
  • Australia 9.3%
  • India 7.0%
  • New Zealand 6.7%

Imports: USD 12.055 Billion (2007)

Main Import Partners: (2012 Estimate)

  • Singapore 26.3%
  • China 21.3%
  • United Kingdom 21.3%
  • Malaysia 11.8%

Recent Resources

  • Brunei is the smallest country of Southeast Asia but it has one of the most advanced economy and highest level of income of the region. This series of infographics details key demographic and economic data of Brunei, together with comparisons with other ASEAN and world-leading countries.

  • Taxes in Brunei Darussalam

    The tax regime of Brunei is generally considered to be very accommodating compared to many other countries: corporate taxes rates are rather low, and no valued added or personal income tax are levied. Some special regimes are however applied in particular cases and industries, such as the oil and gas sector.

  • Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei, is expecting to see its population of about 200,000 people in 2014 triple by 2035. Integrated in a vision to develop and diversify the Bruneian economy, Bandar Seri Begawan’s development master plan defines objectives that will enable businesses to anticipate its expansion.

  • Brunei Economic Development Board website

    The Brunei Economic Development Board is a public agency in Brunei focusing on the growth and diversification of the Bruneian economy. Providing information on doing business in Brunei, it helps all those interested in investing and expanding their operations in the sultanate of Brunei.

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