Brunei: 4 infographics on population, wealth, economy

Brunei is the smallest country of Southeast Asia but it has one of the most advanced economy and highest level of income of the region. This series of infographics details key demographic and economic data of Brunei, together with comparisons with other ASEAN and world-leading countries.

To help you understand the dynamics of economics and business in Brunei through visual illustrations, here are 4 infographics on some of the country’s key data. They present information from the World Bank data from 2016 on the population, wealth and economy of Brunei with comparisons to other ASEAN countries and other major global markets and economies: US, EU, China, Japan and India.

To obtain further information on the Bruneian and Southeast Asian population, cities and urban population, check this other series of infographics on ASEAN demography, top cities and urbanization.

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The population of Brunei

This first infographic compares the population of 423 000 of Brunei with ASEAN and other major global markets: the US, EU, China, Japan and India.

Comparison of the Bruneian population with reference countries

Brunei population infographic
Brunei population infographic: comparison with ASEAN and other Asian and global leaders.

Wealth of Bruneians

The next graphic highlights a comparison between the wealth of Brunei’s people, expressed in nominal GDP per capita, with other ASEAN countries, ASEAN as a whole, as well as major regional and global powers: the US, EU, China, Japan and India.

Comparison of Brunei’s GDP per capita with ASEAN and reference countries

Brunei wealth infographic
Brunei wealth infographic: GDP per capita vs ASEAN & reference countries

The Bruneian economy

The next two infographics compare the US$ 11.4 Billion GDP of Brunei with other countries. The first with ASEAN and other major global markets: the US, EU, China, Japan and India; the second within ASEAN and its other 9 member countries.

Comparison of the Bruneian economy with reference countries

Brunei economy infographic
Brunei economy infographic: comparison with ASEAN and other Asian and global leaders

Brunei economy compared to other ASEAN countries

Brunei in ASEAN infographic
Brunei in ASEAN infographic: comparison with other ASEAN countries and share of the total ASEAN GDP

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