185 Top Companies of Southeast Asia – XLS Spreadsheet

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Spreadsheet: Top public listed companies of ASEAN-5 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

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Browse, filter, and use data easily on the top companies in ASEAN-5 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand.


This ultimate Excel spreadsheet includes top companies and related information about the top public listed companies of ASEAN-5 countries. Companies and their relative data can be browsed and filtered very easily to be used for your specific purposes, grouping by countries, sectors, sorting websites, etc.

Sorting top ASEAN companies

The main spreadsheet contains 185 companies from the ASEAN-5 countries. The secondary spreadsheets list the companies for each of the 5 countries stock indexes, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, to help you work more easily on the list of companies by country.

Companies information included in the spreadsheet

Companies listed are public limited companies included in some of the top stock indexes of ASEAN-5 countries as of November 2017.

  • 45 companies of the Indonesia Stock Exchange LQ45 index
  • 30 companies of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur Composite Index – KLCI
  • 30 companies of the Philippine Stock Exchange index – PSEI
  • 30 companies of the Singapore Exchange Straits Times Index – STI
  • 50 companies of the Stock Exchange of Thailand SET50 index

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Spreadsheet columns data

Here are the explanations of the data included in the spreadsheet, column by column.

Company name

The name by which the company is known.

Stock Exchange

The stock exchange where the company is listed:

  • IDX: Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • MYX: Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia)
  • PSE: Philippine Stock Exchange
  • SGX: Singapore Exchange
  • SET: Stock Exchange of Thailand

Stock Index

Stock Index for which the company is a component as of November 2017:

  • LQ45: Indonesia Stock Exchange LQ45 index
  • KLCI: Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur Composite Index – KLCI
  • PSEI: Philippine Stock Exchange index
  • STI: Singapore Exchange Straits Times Index
  • SET50: Stock Exchange of Thailand SET50 index

Country of origin / parent company

Country of origin of the company if it is an independent company or country of the head office of the parent company if it is majority owned by another company.


Main sector of business operations of the company. Companies strongly involved in 2 sectors have both sectors listed.

Companies involved in many sectors are listed as Conglomerate or Holding Company if they are owning other companies involved in various sectors. The terminology differs primarily according to each country’s preference.


Company’s website domain with link.

Stock code / symbol

Symbol or code of the company’s in the stock exchange where it is quoted. Includes a link to the stock exchange’s page of the company’s stock details.


Succinct description of the company’s activity.

File details

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    • Top ASEAN-5 companies with filters
    • 5 sheets for top companies by country (1 sheet per country)
    • 1 sheet with the description of the data
  • Author/Editor: ASEAN UP