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eBook: Succeed online in Malaysia
Guide to digital Malaysia and pro tips

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Analyze the right data,
implement the right tactics,
get the right advice,
make the right decisions.


This eBook will provide you the right data for your digital marketing strategy and help you implement the right tactics for your online success in Malaysia.

  • It will help you evaluate your digital marketing budget through detailed overviews of advertising prices in Malaysia for top keywords and key marketing segments on the leading digital marketing platforms: Google and Facebook.
  • It will allow you to appraise your own potential to sell your products and services directly via your website, compare your operations or select the right third-party platforms by presenting you a list of the top e-commerce websites in Malaysia and estimated traffic.
  • It will help you get inspiration and define the most interesting activities, models or partners for your social media presence through convenient lists of the top Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of Malaysia.
  • It will present you the most successful bloggers of Malaysia to get inspiration and refine your own value-proposition, also allowing you to quickly select the ones to get in touch with, to follow and maybe collaborate for content creation and link-building.
  • It will save you tens of hours in research and analysis and provide you useful and actionable professional tips along the way to become more efficient in your digital marketing activities.

Table of Contents

Succeed online in Malaysia – eBook 3DUnderstanding digital marketing – page 3

  • PRO TIP: On-site optimization for WordPress – page 3
  • Helping you conquer internet in Malaysia – page 4

Overview of the Malaysian digital landscape – page 5

  • Key digital numbers of Malaysia – page 5
  • PRO TIP: Adapt to your budget and resources – page 5

Evaluate the costs of advertising online in Malaysia – page 7

  • PRO TIP: Mind your landing page – page 7
  • Advertising on Google in Malaysia – page 7
  • Popular keywords results on Google in Malaysia – page 8
  • PRO TIP: Focus on keywords that convey intent – page 8
  • Advertising on Facebook in Malaysia – page 9
  • Reach for key market segments on Facebook in Malaysia – page 9
  • PRO TIP: Target and focus on direct benefits – page 11

Use and learn from e-commerce platforms of Malaysia – page 13

  • Top 10 e-commerce sites in Malaysia – page 13
  • 5 more e-commerce sites in Malaysia – page 20
  • PRO TIP: Learn the ins and outs of your platform(s) – page 21

Understand and master social media management in Malaysia – page 22

  • PRO TIP: Focus, define a strategy and adapt – page 22
  • Top 30 Facebook pages of Malaysia – page 23
  • Top 50 Twitter accounts of Malaysia – page 24

Follow and reach top bloggers of Malaysia – page 29

  • PRO TIP: Succeed at blogger outreach – page 29
  • Top 50 blogs from Malaysia – page 30
  • 30 more top blogs from Malaysia – page 47

About the author – page 49

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