Top 50 companies from Thailand’s SET50

Thailand's 50 largest listed companies

The 50 largest public listed companies of Thailand, components of the SET50 index, are important actors in the economy of Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond. With a brief presentation, sector and logo of each company, this useful list provides information and links to the company’s website and its stock quote.

List of the 50 components of the SET50 index

Stock Exchange of Thailand logoIn order to be be able to raise funds from the stock exchange, any company in Thailand has to be registered as a “Public Company Limited – PCL” to cope with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand – SET.

A member of the ASEAN Exchanges, the SET aggregates several indices to form a benchmark of the Thai market and facilitate trading and evaluation. These indices notably include the SET index that aggregates all common stocks in Thailand, the SET50 and SET100 which are capitalization-weighted indices calculated from the top 50 and top 100 listed companies.

The SET50 index

The real time quotation of the SET 50 index – can be followed from the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s website and also through the convenient graphical tools from Bloomberg or the ASEAN Exchanges. For more information on the SET50 index and the up-to-date weights of each stock, check the information from the SET website.

Snapshot of SET50 as of 30/03/16 from Bloomberg

Details of the top 50 largest listed companies of Thailand

To help learn more about the largest companies of Thailand, and keep a usable list, here are listed the 50 largest public companies, the constituents of the SET50 Public Companies Limited.

Even though some of these companies are subsidiaries from the same parent company, several of these 50 companies from Thailand are part of the largest companies in Southeast Asia.

For more about the other public listed companies in Southeast Asia, check the lists of  top companies in other major ASEAN countries:

Quick links to the top 50 public companies in Thailand’s SET50

To facilitate browsing in this long list, here are links to go directly to the details of any of the SET50 companies.

For the first semester 2016, the full detailed list of the constituents of the SET50 is as follows.

Advanced Info Service

AIS logoSector: Telecommunications

Advanced Info Service – AIS – is a leading provider of mobile phone network in Thailand, also involved in fixed broadband, digital services and quality and lifestyle services.

Website: – Stock symbol: ADVANC

Airports of Thailand

AOT logoSector: Transportation & Logistics

Airports of Thailand – AOT – is the company operating the major international airports of Thailand in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Hat Yai.

Website: – Stock symbol: AOT

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways logoSector: Transportation & Logistics

Bangkok Airways is the first privately-owned airline in Thailand that also serves destinations in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Maldives.

Website: – Stock symbol: BA


BANPU logoSector: Energy & Utilities

BANPU operates coal mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia and China, and coal-fired power generation in Thailand and China.

Website: – Stock symbol: BANPU

Bangkok Bank

Bangkok-Bank-logoSector: Finance

Bangkok Bank is a commercial bank in Thailand, market leader for SME and corporate banking with the largest retail customer base. Bangkok Bank is also one of the largest regional banks in Southeast Asia.

Website: – Stock symbol: BBL

Bangchak Petroleum

Bangchak Petroleum logoSector: Energy & Utilities

Bangchak Petroleum is an energy company involved in refining and marketing petroleum and exploration. It is also greatly engaged in developing new, environmental friendly and sustainable energy businesses.

Website: – Stock symbol: BCP

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services logoSector: Healthcare

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services is a hospital network in major cities of Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Samui, also operating two hospitals in Cambodia.

Website: – Stock symbol: BDMS

BEC World

BEC World logoSector: Media & Publishing

BEC World is a television company operator sourcing, producing, promoting and distributing programs on the Thai television Channel 3, as well as radios and websites.

Website: – Stock symbol: BEC

Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital logoSector: Healthcare

Bumrungrad Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Bangkok, one of the largest hospital in Southeast Asia, serving 1.1 million patients annually.

Website: – Stock symbol: BH

Bangkok Life Assurance

Bangkok Life Assurance logoSector: Finance

Bangkok Life Assurance provides insurances and products for financial protection and wealth creation for individuals and families.

Website: – Stock symbol: BLA

BTS Group Holdings

BTS logoSector: Transportation & Logistics

The BTS Group is the majority share holder of the operator of Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain and BRT, also engaged in out-of-home and property development.

Website: – Stock symbol: BTS

Carabao Group

Carabao Group logoSector: Food & Beverages

Carabao Tawandang Company is engaged in manufacturing and distributing energy drinks under the name “Carabao Dang” along with other beverages.

Website: – Stock symbol: CBG

Central Plaza Hotel

Central Plaza Hotel logoSector: Tourism & Leisure

Central Plaza Hotel operates Central Hospitality International, a leading hotel group in Thailand and Central Restaurants Group, a pioneer of Western-style fast food in Thailand. Central Plaza Hotel is part of Central Group.

Website: – Stock symbol: CENTEL

CH. Karnchang

CH. Karnchang logoSector: Construction Services

CH. Karnchang is a leader in the construction business and a pre-eminent and comprehensive basic infrastructure developer in Thailand.

Website: – Stock symbol: CK

CP All

CPAll logoSector: Commerce

CP ALL is the flagship company of the Charoen Pokphand Group, notably operating convenience stores under the “7-Eleven” trademark in Thailand, and involved in various other industries.

Website: – Stock symbol: CPALL

Charoen Pokphand Foods

Charoen Pokphand Foods logoSector: Food & Beverages

Charoen Pokphand Foods is an agro-industrial and food conglomerate, member of the Charoen Pokphand Group.

Website: – Stock symbol: CPF

Central Pattana

Central Pattana logoSector: Real Estate

Central Pattana is the largest retail developer of Thailand, currently managing 26 shopping centers, 7 office buildings, 2 hotels and 2 residential projects. Central Pattana is part of Central Group.

Website: – Stock symbol: CPN

Delta Electronics (Thailand)

Delta Electronics logoSector: Electronic Components

Delta Electronics (Thailand) is a world leading producer of power supplies and electronic components notably used for automotive, medical, telecommunications,  IT and automation.

Website: – Stock symbol: DELTA

Total Access Communication

DTAC logoSector: Telecommunications

Total Access Communication, commonly known as DTAC, is the second largest mobile phone provider in Thailand, owned by Norwegian multinational telecommunications company Telenor.

Website: – Stock symbol: DTAC

Electricity Generating

EGCO logoSector: Energy & Utilities

The Electricity Generating Public Company Limited, also known as EGCO, is an independent power producer with subsidiaries and joint ventures in Thailand and the Asia Pacific region.

Website: – Stock symbol: EGCO

Glow Energy

Glow Group logoSector: Energy & Utilities

Glow Group is a group of energy companies generating and supplying electricity, steam, clarified, demineralized and chilled water. It is owned in majority by the French energy company Engie (formerly GDF Suez).

Website: – Stock symbol: GLOW

Home Product Center

HomePro logoSector: Commerce

Home Product Center is a retailing and services company for home and building construction, expansion, renovation, and repair that operates the brand HomePro.

Website: – Stock symbol: HMPRO

Intouch Holdings

Intouch logoSector: Telecommunications

Intouch holdings is a leading company in value-creating and sustainable asset management focusing on telecom, media, IT and digital content.

Website: – Stock symbol: INTUCH


IRPC logoSector: Energy & Utilities

IRPC’s historic business is in applications of petroleum and petrochemical products. It expanded to the production of petrochemical products and developed its plant and infrastructures to a fully integrated petrochemical complex.

Website: – Stock symbol: IRPC

Italian-Thai Development

Italian-Thai logoSector: Construction Services

Italian-Thai Development is construction company. It is primarily operating as a contractor for civil and Infrastructure construction and development.

Website: – Stock symbol: ITD

Indorama Ventures

Indorama Ventures logoSector: Petrochemicals & Chemicals

Indorama Ventures is a leading producer of petrochemicals and manufacturer of wool yarns.

Website: – Stock symbol: IVL

Jasmine International

Jasmine logoSector: Telecommunications

Jasmine International is a leading telecommunications company owning telecom networks and services including broadband internet, satellite-based communication, local and international telephone service, digital content and e-commerce.

Website: – Stock symbol: JAS


Kasikornbank logoSector: Finance

Kasikornbank is a leading banking group in Thailand, previously known as the Thai Farmers Bank.

Website: – Stock symbol: KBANK

Krung Thai Bank

Krung Thai Bank logoSector: Finance

Krung Thai Bank is a state-owned bank under license issued by the Thai Ministry of Finance.

Website: – Stock symbol: KTB

Land and Houses

Land and Houses logoSector: Real Estate

Land and Houses is a real-estate company primarily engaged in housing development and particularly on single detached houses.

Website: – Stock symbol: LH

MK Restaurant Group

MK Restaurants logoSector: Food & Beverages

MK Restaurant Group operates a chain of more than 400 restaurants in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

Website: – Stock symbol: M

Minor International

Minor International logoSector: Food & Beverages

Minor International is a hospitality company, restaurant operator and lifestyle brand retailer. It operates 1,500 restaurants and 100 hotels throughout the world.

Website: – Stock symbol: MINT

Pruksa Real Estate

Pruksa logo in EnglishSector: Real Estate

Pruksa Real Estate is one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand, focusing on residential houses in Bangkok and its vicinity, and overseas.

Website: – Stock symbol: PS


PTT logoSector: Energy & Utilities

PTT is a state-owned oil and gas company conducting integrated energy and petrochemical businesses.

Website: – Stock symbol: PTT

PTT Exploration and Production

PTTEP logoSector: Energy & Utilities

PTT Exploration and Production – PTTEP –  is a leading Exploration and Production company in Thailand, exploring for sources of petroleum in various countries.

Website: – Stock symbol: PTTEP

PTT Global Chemical

PTT Global Chemical logoSector: Petrochemicals & Chemicals

PTT Global Chemical – PTTGC – is the leading integrated petrochemical and refining company in Thailand and one of the largest in Asia.

Website: – Stock symbol: PTTGC

Robinson Department Store

Robinson logoSector: Commerce

Robinson Department Store operates department stores in Thailand, and has begun expanding its operations in Vietnam.

Website: – Stock symbol: ROBINS

Srisawad Power 1979

Srisawad Power 1979 logoSector: Finance

Srisawad Power 1979 and its subsidiaries offer financial services in Thailand. It primarily provides hire purchase, loan contract and personal loan contract.

Website: – Stock symbol: SAWAD

The Siam Commercial Bank

SCB logoSector: Finance

The Siam Commercial Bank, also known as SCB, was the first bank established in Thailand in 1904 which grew to become a universal banking group.

Website: – Stock symbol: SCB

The Siam Cement

SCG logoSector: Construction Materials

The Siam Cement Company, better known as SCG, was originally a cement-producing company that diversified in three core businesses: cement-building materials, packaging and chemicals.

Website: – Stock symbol: SCC

Siam City Cement

INSEE Siam City Cement logoSector: Construction Materials

Siam City Cement – SCCC – provides construction materials and services, sold under the INSEE brand, in Thailand and the wider region.

Website: – Stock symbol: SCCC

TIPCO Asphalt

TIPCO Asphalt logoSector: Construction Materials

Tipco Asphalt produces and distributes asphalt products for road construction, maintenance and paving industries for transportation in Thailand.

Website: – Stock symbol: TASCO

Thanachart Capital

Thanachart logoSector: Finance

Thanachart Capital is the parent company of Thanachart Financial Conglomerate, operating in commercial banking, asset management, securities, insurance, hire purchase, leasing and supporting activities.

Website: – Stock symbol: TCAP

TMB Bank

TMB logoSector: Finance

TMB Bank is a commercial bank and financial services company. Its name is the contraction of its ancestor company, Thai Military Bank.

Website: – Stock symbol: TMB

Thai Oil

Thaioil logoSector: Energy & Utilities

Thai Oil is a refining and petrochemical company notably involved in petrochemical, lubricant, solvent and chemical products, power generation, transportation and ethanol production.

Website: – Stock symbol: TOP

TPI Polene

TPIPL logoSector: Construction Materials

TPI Polene is a cement manufacturer that is also involved in the manufacturing of certain petrochemical products.

Website: – Stock symbol: TPIPL

True Corporation

true logoSector: Telecommunications

True Corporation is a communication conglomerate controlling the largest cable TV provider, Internet service provider and one of the largest mobile operators in Thailand.

Website: – Stock symbol: TRUE


TTW logoSector: Energy & Utilities

Thai Tap Water – TTW – is a tap water producer and distributor in Thailand, also involved in water management and renewable energies.

Website: – Stock symbol: TTW

Thai Union Group

ThaiUnion logoSector: Food & Beverages

Thai Union Group is a world’s leading processor of seafood, owning a diversified portfolio of international and Thai brands.

Website: – Stock symbol: TU

WHA Corporation

WHA logoSector: Real Estate

WHA Corporation and its subsidiaries are engaged in real estate development and lease of warehouses, distribution centers and factories.

Website: – Stock symbol: WHA

To sum up, here is the list of the 50 Thai companies composing the SET50 index with their name, logo, sector and stock symbol.

List of the 50 Thai companies in the SET50 index, with logo, sector and stock symbol

Here are the fifty largest PCLs listed inThailand. Did you know them all? What do you think they should do to keep expanding their operations in Thailand, Southeast Asia or the rest of the world?

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