Online integration for hospitality in Indonesia

Indonesia hospitality and social media integration

Indonesia is receiving a steadily increasing stream of visitors, but it is still lagging behind regional competitors in terms of number of tourists. To gain visibility on Internet, attract more visitors in individual hotels and for the Indonesian hospitality sector as a whole, it is critical to take advantage of technology and social media.

“The potential of social media and review platforms is not fully realized.”

Technology and social integration in Indonesia’s hospitality sector – summary

  • Indonesia and Tourism – Facts and figures – slide 2
  • Indonesia and Hospitality – Facts and figures
    • Regional comparisons – slide 3
    • Indonesia lagging behind – slide 4
    • Hotels and accommodation types – slide 5
    • Evolution of hotels 2009-2013 – slide 6
  • Hospitality trends worldwide
    • Technology trends for hotel efficiency – slide 7
    • Technology trends for service as guests – slide 8
  • The relevance of Internet reviews – slide 9
  • Indonesia and social media – slide 10
  • Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia – slide 11

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  • The importance of reviews to consumers – slide 12
  • Why should hotels respond to reviews? – slide 14

Has the Indonesia hospitality sector embraced social media in their business model?

  • Wrong social media habits in Indonesia’s hospitality – slide 16
  • Hospitality survey: social media
    • Facebook and Twitter – slide 17
    • Use of social media in the hospitality sector – slide 18
  • Hospitality survey: reviews – slide 19
  • Conclusion – slide 21

Presentation from May 2014 by Jeffrey Bahar of Spire Research and Consulting

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