Promoting tourism in wonderful Indonesia [videos]

Communication to promote tourism in Wonderful Indonesia

The official campaign to promote tourism in Indonesia clearly has set a new standard to bring visitors in “Wonderful Indonesia”. Through a series of very high quality videos on the different parts of the archipelago, it produces means to attract tourists and facilitate the communication of travel agencies and tourism professionals.

Original videos for tourism in Indonesia

Under the management of Indonesia’s ministry of tourism and creative economy, the “Wonderful Indonesia” communication campaign is promoting tourism through various channels, media,  advertising and Internet.

Sometimes reminding of the communication campaign for tourism in the Philippines, tens of videos can be seen and embedded from the Wonderful Indonesia, notably with videos in Japanese, videos without off voice (interesting for non-English speakers) about special events, places and activities, and many others such as these little jewels:

Dynamic teaser

Poetic adventure

Videos on Indonesia’s islands and cities

Of course, there are also many high quality videos presenting and exciting travelers’ interests to visit several of the most famous islands and parts of Indonesia, highlighting the specificity and attractions of each place.



West Papua

Other videos on the various parts of Indonesia include:

  • East Java
  • North Sumatra
  • Komodo Labuan Bajo
  • Lombok
  • Yogyakarta
  • Kelimutu Flores
  • Tanah Toraja Makasar

All these videos can be seen and embedded from the Wonderful Indonesia Youtube channel.

Other resources for travel in Indonesia

The Wonderful Indonesia communication also passes through a website that centralizes various other information to learn about Indonesia’s attractions, prepare trips though reviews, maps, addresses of restaurants and hotels, discuss and get informed about events and other news.

With a developed presence on several of the major social media, Wonderful Indonesia also touches a massive community of people interested in travel in Indonesia. Wonderful Indonesia publishes a lot of quality pictures, in particular through its Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram profiles, which may be re-used by other users for communication purposes.

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