Promoting tourism in Malaysia [videos]

Promoting tourism in Malaysia, truly Asia

Malaysia is a leader in Southeast Asia in number of tourists arrivals each year. Advertising the country’s tourism, the official campaign  “Malaysia Truly Asia” broadcasts a range of beautiful videos to help promote its beauty, culture and activities and reach the general public, but also help tourism agencies and professionals.

Malaysia faces fierce competition to attract foreign tourists from other countries of Southeast Asia: the tourism heavyweight Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore pushing up, and the underrated newcomers, the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. However, “Tourism Malaysia” – the agency in charge of tourism in Malaysia -, brilliantly keeps up to maintain the country’s attractiveness.

Communicating on the exoticism and culture of Malaysia

Heavily advertising on traditional media, Tourism Malaysia produces lots of contents that are also available online, or especially created for Internet. Under the famous slogan “Malaysia Truly Asia”, Tourism Malaysia emphasizes the multiple pleasures found in Malaysia’s natural beauty, exoticism, cultural diversity and mouth-watering food.

Besides this overview of Malaysia from 2015 and a series of videos from previous years, the Malaysia Truly Asia campaign also publishes series of videos more focused on a particular geographic areas, activity or tourists markets.

Specific tourism in Malaysia: focus on areas or activities

This year, the Tourism Malaysia agency has notably produced a series videos highlighting particular places and activities that can be experienced when visiting country. In this first series, the overall idea is that in tourists in Malaysia can experience activities they will never forget.

This campaign, called “Your Favourite Memories”, notably depicts various places and attractions organized by touristic theme, each time in 30 and 60 seconds formats: biking, eco, beach and marine, culture, adventure. Here are some highlights.

Beach and marine



Another series of videos covers specific places, such as the Perhentian Islands (Pulau Perhentian) or the leaning tower of Taluk Intan, under various aspects of tourism: seeing, experiencing and eating.

See: Perhentian Islands

Eat: Teluk Intan

Several other videos are also available for viewing, sharing and embedding in your websites to promote tourism in Malaysia from the Malaysia Truly Asia Youtube channel. Some of them include videos in other languages such as Chinese, Indonesian or Thai or videos oriented towards a specific demographic such as women, South or East Asia.

South Asian women in Malaysia

More information on traveling in Malaysia is also available from the Tourism Malaysia official website. More news, medias to be used and embedded to illustrate tourism websites, can also be found in Tourism Malaysia’s other social media profiles:

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