Promoting tourism in Your Singapore [videos]

Tourism in Your Singapore

In Southeast Asia, Singapore stands out as a place of modernity and delightful lifestyle experiences. To develop tourism, the Singaporean government communicates through its “Your Singapore” campaign, notably publishing videos that promote the country through a personal, creative and original approach.

Competition for tourism is fierce in Southeast Asia, with heavyweights like Thailand and Malaysia and newcomers like Vietnam and the Philippines. Yet the island nation has many unique attractions, sights, cuisines and events that make it stand out as a place of modernity and refinement in the region, aside from being a world-renown business hub.

With a large number of world famous monuments and sights like the Marina Bay, historic luxury hotels like the Raffles Hotel, shopping malls for all tastes, and the recent addition of its botanical garden at the UNESCO World Heritage, Singapore sets itself apart in the region to rival the world’s largest cities for tourism.

To communicate on the country’s attractiveness for tourists, Singapore emphasizes its original blend of Asian and European cultures, traditional and modern architecture and cosmopolitan way of life. The result can notably be seen by potential tourists and used by tourism professionals through beautifully designed videos.

Individual experiences visiting Singapore

Some of the videos published by “Your Singapore” take a very personal approach to present the interest of the city for particular persons. Among these videos that can easily be embedded to your websites and blogs to promote the country’s tourism, the following ones stand out for their successful capturing of individual tastes and goals.

A family week end in Singapore

Martina Navratilova discovering Singapore

Singapore in the eyes of a little girl

Specific cultural features of Singapore

Other videos present certain particularities of Singapore as a way to approach the city and interest certain demographics or interest of tourists: architecture, entertainment, food, nightlife… They also take advantage of the opportunity to present particular places of interest. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Fun in Singapore: Shiok!

The architecture of Singapore in music

A cat’s life in Singapore

Diving in the Singaporean nightlife

You can find these videos and many more in English and several other languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian…) to view or embed directly from the Your Singapore Youtube channel.

To stay up to date, don’t hesitate to follow “Your Singapore” on their social media pages, where they also publish other contents that can help Tourism professionals in the country. For more information on travel and tourism in Singapore you can also check the Your Singapore website.

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