Philippines tourism promoting its fun [videos]

Tourism in the Philippines

Refreshing videos from the Philippines to promote the country for tourism. To differentiate itself from the other countries of the region, the Philippines focuses on attracting the younger populations through a dynamic, beautiful and energetic video… and its succeeding in gaining viral traction on the Internet.

Updated on 27 July 2014

Communication campaign for tourism in the Philippines: viral videos

Not disposing of a large budget to advertise, the Philippines’ Department of Tourism tried to differentiate itself from other countries, such as the Indonesia tourism campaign, and stimulate the buzz on Internet, with a “viral” approach.

So the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign is especially targeted at younger people with a series of funny and emotional videos aimed at stimulating online activity and sharing. And it has been quite a success! Some of the Philippines’ tourism videos now count way more that a million views:

Popping the question is more fun in the Philippines

Parking is more fun in the Philippines

More videos can be found and embedded into your website or blogs from the Philippines’ Department of Tourism Youtube channel.

More information on tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines also launched a dedicated website for the campaign “It’s more fun in the Philippines” to provide more information and help people plan their trip to the Philippines and help people to:

  • plan a trip and excursions in the Philippines
  • find more info about the different regions
  • get thee latest news on the Philippines
  • have fun!
  • get in touch with the DOT around the world

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