Promoting tourism in Vietnam [videos]

Vietnam tourism: Timeless Charm

Vietnam aims at developing awareness on its “Timeless Charm” to attract regional and international tourists. To help promote the country and its underrated attractions, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has created some videos that can help tourism agencies and travel professionals offering trips to Vietnam.

With serious competitors leading in international tourists arrivals such as Malaysia and Thailand, Vietnam arrives late on the tourism scene of Southeast Asia. Its recent opening to foreign visitors came along the economic opening in the late 1990’s and 2000’s, and the country is yet to become a global favorite.

However Vietnam is a relatively large country which has a lot to offer. Several areas have been preserved from mass-tourism and harbor cultural and natural sites of exceptional beauty and value. The famous Ha Long Bay, the city of Hoi An and the citadel of Hue are only three of the eight sites that have been classified by UNESCO in the World Heritage.

Vietnam’s tropical climate also allows for year-long water and jungle activities; its unique traditional culture is vividly present in the country while big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi experience a rapid development into modern urban lifestyle.

Promoting the “Timeless Charm” of Vietnam

Following its peers from Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese Department of Tourism has produced some videos to raise awareness on the country’s many places of interest. They are gathered in the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s Youtube channel, along several other videos about tourism in Vietnam in Vietnamese language.

There are currently only few videos in English (or actually without voice) that can be targeted to an international audience. They notably include the following brief overview of the country’s most famous sites and activities as well as the next video of Vietnam in pictures.

Overview of Vietnam’s touristic landmarks

Vietnam in pictures

Recently, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also produced a longer video targeted to foreign English-speaking audience that aims at promoting the country more deeply. Going over tourism, culture and food, it also presents the country’s official religious, political and economic position of openness to the world.

Extensive presentation of Vietnam

This video is also available in Vietnamese in the ‘Welcome to Vietnam” Youtube channel.

Hopefully more videos will be created by official bodies to help promote the country’s genuine touristic interest. Note that many other quality videos exist that can also be used to promote trips to Vietnam but they are often branded by their producers.

For more information on tourism in Vietnam, check the website of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

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