Top 50 Blogs from the Philippines 2017

Top 50 Blogs from the Philippines 2017

The Philippines is one of the most populated countries in Southeast Asia with a very active digital population. The following Top 50 blogs from the Philippines was created to regroup the archipel’s most popular blogs and help anyone find and learn from these thought-leaders and trendsetters in the Philippines and the broader region.

One of the great strength of the country is that many Filipinos are very proficient in the use of English, greatly helping business in the Philippines. Many blogs from the Philippines are therefore written in English and have gained international recognition; they are also easy to read for the rest of Southeast Asia.

Notes have been added to blog that are also written in Tagalog to help you sort them out more easily.

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List of the Top 50 blogs from the Philippines

After carefully combing more than 130 blogs using the method detailed below, here are the results of the most popular blogs from the Philippines. Through various themes and industries, they regroup blogs from single and multiple authors, personal opinions, unique or multiple themes, niche focus or mass audience broadcast.

Each blog’s main themes have been added to make the list more user-friendly and help you learn about blogs that correspond to your interests… or the product or service you might want these influencers to talk about.

Note that this post is part of a series on top blogs in Southeast Asia:

1. YugaTech

Themes: tech news and reviews

YugaTechFacebook: YugaTech
Twitter: YugaTech
Youtube: yugatech
Estimated monthly traffic: 2,980,000 !
Total social media community: 265,800

2. WhenInManila

Themes: lifestyle, entertainment, travel

WhenInManilaFacebook: WhenInManila
Instagram: wheninmanila
Twitter: wheninmanila
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,550,000 !
Total social media community: 3,010,000 !

3. Lionhear TV

Themes: entertainment, tech

Lionhear TVFacebook: LionhearTV
Twitter: lionheartvnet
Estimated monthly traffic: 397,000
Total social media community: 2,226,800 !

4. Naldz Graphics

Themes: graphic design

Naldz GraphicsFacebook: naIdzgraphics
Twitter: naldzgraphics
Estimated monthly traffic: 878,000
Total social media community: 93,000


Themes: travel

Instagram: travelbookph
Twitter: TravelBookPh
Estimated monthly traffic: 456,000
Total social media community: 594,300

6. The Poor Traveler

Themes: travel, lifestyle

The Poor TravelerFacebook: thepoortraveler
Instagram: thepoortraveler
Twitter: thepoortraveler
Estimated monthly traffic: 357,000
Total social media community: 527,600

7. Kryz Uy

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, travel, food

Kryz UyFacebook: thirstythought
Instagram: kryzzzie
Twitter: kryzzzie
Estimated monthly traffic: 43,000
Total social media community: 1,044,500 !

8. PinoyMoneyTalk

Themes: personal finance, investment

PinoyMoneyTalkFacebook: pinoymoneytalk
Twitter: pinoymoneytalk
Estimated monthly traffic: 489,000
Total social media community: 53,000

9. Pinoy Adventurista

Themes: travel

Pinoy AdventuristaFacebook: pinoyadventuristadotcom
Instagram: pinoyadventurista
Twitter: adventuristaako
Estimated monthly traffic: 441,000
Total social media community: 99,100


Themes: tech, gadgets

Unbox.phFacebook: unboxph
Twitter: unboxph
Youtube: userunboxph
Estimated monthly traffic: 390,000
Total social media community: 93,700

11. Two Monkeys Travel

Themes: travel, lifestyle

Two Monkeys TravelFacebook: twomonkeystravel
Instagram: 2monkeystravel
Twitter: 2MonkeysTravel
Estimated monthly traffic: 199,000
Total social media community: 455,300

12. Our Awesome Planet

Themes: travel, food

Our Awesome PlanetFacebook: ourawesomeplanet
Instagram: ourawesomeplanet
Twitter: antondiaz
Youtube: userantondiaz
Estimated monthly traffic: 219,000
Total social media community: 313,000

13. The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Themes: travel

The Pinay Solo BackpackerFacebook: thepinaysolobackpacker
Instagram: thepinaysolobackpacker
Twitter: pinaybackpacker
Estimated monthly traffic: 267,000
Total social media community: 155,500

14. The Macho Mom

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

The Macho MomFacebook: kikaysikat
Instagram: themachomom
Twitter: kikaysikat
Estimated monthly traffic: 266,000
Total social media community: 40,200

15. Camille Co

Themes: travel, beauty, fashion

Camille CoFacebook: camilletriestoblogbycamilleco
Instagram: itscamilleco
Twitter: itscamilleco
Estimated monthly traffic: 15,000
Total social media community: 530,500

16. Love, A

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Love, AFacebook: arissedesantosofficial
Instagram: arissedsnts
Twitter: arissedsnts
Estimated monthly traffic: 14,000
Total social media community: 530,000

17. Pinoy Fitness

Themes: fitness

Pinoy FitnessFacebook: pinoyfitness
Instagram: pinoyfitness
Twitter: pinoyfitness
Estimated monthly traffic: 97,000
Total social media community: 269,400

18. I am Aileen

Themes: travel

I am AileenFacebook: iamaileencom
Instagram: i_am_aileen
Twitter: iamaileen
Estimated monthly traffic: 179,000
Total social media community: 93,900

19. DG Manila

Themes: lifestyle, travel, food

DG ManilaFacebook: davidguison
Instagram: davidguison
Twitter: davidguison
Estimated monthly traffic: 31,000
Total social media community: 385,100

20. Dear Kitty Kittie Kath

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, parenting

Dear Kitty Kittie KathFacebook: DearKittyKittieKath
Instagram: kathneko
Twitter: kathneko
Estimated monthly traffic: 215,000
Total social media community: 15,100

21. Lakwatsero

Themes: travel

LakwatseroFacebook: theLakwatsero
Instagram: thelakwatsero
Twitter: thelakwatsero
Estimated monthly traffic: 99,000
Total social media community: 162,000

22. The Beauty Junkie

Themes: beauty

The Beauty JunkieFacebook: TheBeautyJunkee
Instagram: thebeautyjunkee
Twitter: TheBeautyJunkee
Estimated monthly traffic: 146,000
Total social media community: 49,600


Themes: running, sports

Instagram: takboph
Twitter: Takboph
Estimated monthly traffic: 45,000
Total social media community: 206,000

24. Swirling Over Coffee

Themes: tech, lifestyle, food

Swirling Over CoffeeFacebook: swirlingovercoffee
Estimated monthly traffic: 133,000
Total social media community: 12,400

25. Travel Up

Themes: travel

Travel UpFacebook: TravelUp
Instagram: karasantos
Twitter: travelingup
Estimated monthly traffic: 83,000
Total social media community: 110,500

26. The Peach Kitchen

Themes: food

The Peach KitchenFacebook: PeachKitchen
Instagram: thepeachkitchen
Twitter: peachkisses
Estimated monthly traffic: 110,000
Total social media community: 31,600

27. Azrael’s Merryland Blog

Themes: lifestyle, travel, food, tech

Azrael’s Merryland BlogFacebook: azraelsmerryland
Instagram: popazrael
Twitter: popazrael
Estimated monthly traffic: 107,560
Total social media community: 13,000

28. The Rod Magaru Show

Themes: entertainment, lifestyle

The Rod Magaru ShowFacebook: rodmagarushow
Instagram: rodmagaru
Twitter: rodmagaru
Estimated monthly traffic: 24,000
Total social media community: 173,700

29. All Chucked Up!

Themes: lifestyle, food, travel, tech

All Chucked Up!Facebook: chuckdreyfus
Instagram: chuckiedreyfus
Twitter: chuckiedreyfus
Estimated monthly traffic: 13,000
Total social media community: 176,300

30. Lakad Pilipinas

Themes: travel

Lakad PilipinasFacebook: LakadPilipinas
Instagram: lakadpilipinas
Estimated monthly traffic: 87,000
Total social media community: 23,900

31. Rochelle Rivera

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, food

Rochelle RiveraFacebook: therealrochellerivera
Instagram: rochellemiko
Twitter: rochellemiko
Estimated monthly traffic: 83,000
Total social media community: 15,000

32. The Shoshal Network

Themes: entertainment, beauty, lifestyle, parenting – Note: blog written both in English and Tagalog

The Shoshal NetworkFacebook: thesoshalnetwork
Instagram: thesoshalnetwork
Twitter: dsoshalnetwork
Estimated monthly traffic: 29,000
Total social media community: 110,100

33. Go Jackie Go

Themes: lifestyle, beauty, food, parenting

Go Jackie GoFacebook: gojackiego
Instagram: gojackiego
Twitter: gojackiego
Estimated monthly traffic: 59,000
Total social media community: 38,400

34. Manila Shopper

Themes: shopping, lifestyle

Manila ShopperFacebook: Manila-Shopper
Instagram: manilashopper
Twitter: manilashopper
Estimated monthly traffic: 55,000
Total social media community: 40,100

35. A Wanderful Sole

Themes: travel

A Wanderful SoleFacebook: awanderfulsole
Estimated monthly traffic: 60,000
Total social media community: 8,300

36. PS I’m On My Way

Themes: travel

PS I’m On My WayFacebook: psimonmyway
Instagram: psimonmyway
Twitter: psimonmyway
Estimated monthly traffic: 30,000
Total social media community: 63,600

37. It’s Me Bluedreamer!

Themes: travel, food, entertainment

It's me Bluedreamer!Facebook: itsmebluedreamer
Estimated monthly traffic: 46,000
Total social media community: 1,500

38. The Solitary Wanderer

Themes: travel

Solitary WandererFacebook: TheSolitaryWanderer
Instagram: solitarywandererblog
Twitter: ALEAHphils
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,000
Total social media community: 41,800

39. Greta’s Junkyard

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Greta’s JunkyardFacebook: gretasjunkyard
Instagram: gretchengatan
Twitter: gretchengatan
Estimated monthly traffic: 31,000
Total social media community: 24,600

40. The Fanboy SEO

Themes: entertainment, tech

The Fanboy SEOFacebook: thefanboyseo
Instagram: thefanboyseo
Twitter: thefanboyseo
Estimated monthly traffic: 35,000
Total social media community: 14,000

41. Celineism

Themes: travel, food

CelineismFacebook: celineismph
Instagram: celineism
Estimated monthly traffic: 20,000
Total social media community: 42,400

42. Juanderfulpinoy

Themes: travel

JuanderfulpinoyFacebook: juanderfulpinoy
Instagram: travel360
Twitter: juanderfulpinoy
Estimated monthly traffic: 12,000
Total social media community: 51,700

43. Wanderlass

Themes: travel

WanderlassFacebook: wanderlass
Instagram: wanderlass
Twitter: wanderlass
Estimated monthly traffic: 16,000
Total social media community: 41,600

44. Orange Magazine TV

Themes: lifestyle, entertainment

Orange MagazineFacebook: orangemagazinetv
Instagram: orangemagtv
Twitter: OrangeMagTV
Estimated monthly traffic: 16,000
Total social media community: 41,100

45. Tales from the Tummy

Themes: food

Tales from the TummyFacebook: Talesfromthetummy
Instagram: talesfromthetummy
Twitter: TalesfromtheTum
Estimated monthly traffic: 24,000
Total social media community: 23,400

46. Ivan Henares

Themes: travel, food

Ivan HenaresFacebook: ivanhenares
Instagram: ivanhenares
Twitter: ivanhenares
Estimated monthly traffic: 16,000
Total social media community: 35,700

47. Lakas ng Trip

Themes: travel

Lakas ng TripFacebook: LakasNgTrip
Instagram: lakasngtrip
Twitter: lakasngtrip
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,000
Total social media community: 15,200

48. Eazy Traveler

Themes: travel

Eazy TravelerFacebook: eazytraveler
Instagram: eazytraveler
Twitter: eazytraveler
Estimated monthly traffic: 13,000
Total social media community: 32,900

49. The pickiest eater

Themes: food

The pickiest eaterFacebook: thepickiesteater
Instagram: pickiesteater
Twitter: pickiesteater
Estimated monthly traffic: 16,000
Total social media community: 23,000

50. Pinay Travel Junkie

Themes: travel

Pinay Travel JunkieFacebook: pinaytraveljunkie
Instagram: pinaytraveljunkie
Twitter: nomadwifey
Estimated monthly traffic: 12,000
Total social media community: 30,900



Top bloggers from the Philippines on Twitter

List of top blogs from the Philippines on TwitterSo that is the complete top 50 blogs from the Philippines. To help you stay informed on their activities, a Twitter list has been created to regroup their Twitter profiles (when available) together with some other top bloggers from the Philippines active on Twitter.

You can check what they are up to and follow the whole list to keep in touch with them all at once. Of course, don’t forget to follow @ASEANUP too! 🙂

Philippines’ top blogs selection criteria

Though the highest ranking blogs and websites in many “top” lists are often legitimate, when a single tool is used to rank these websites the middle and lower ranking ones are often not the most relevant, because of the inherent characteristics of the tool used. That’s why the previous list has been created by carefully selecting the 50 most influential blogs from the Philippines through a combination of well-established tools for digital marketing.

Domain authority and estimated monthly traffic

First, a shortlist of 70 blogs with recent updates was created by screening 130+ of the most prominent blogs in English and some in Tagalog through MOZ’s Domain Authority and SimilarWeb’s monthly estimated traffic as of September 2017. Only the blogs with high domain authority or estimated traffic were kept.

Total social media community

Then, the social media community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of each blog in the shortlist was recorded when they were above 1,000 followers. These communities were added to create a “total social media community” for each blog and indicate the general popularity of the blog/blogger on social media.

Final ranking 

Finally by combining SimilarWeb’s estimated monthly traffic (weighed 2) and the total social media community (weighed 1) for each blog, the shortlist was ordered from the most to least influential. The top 50 blogs obtained through these aggregated criteria were finally retained to ensure the most relevant references and measure blogs through their relative influence in one useful list.

What do you think about our top blogs from the Philippines? Was this list useful to you? Did we miss any influential blog? Leave your comments below!

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