Top 50 Blogs from Malaysia 2017

Top 50 Blogs Malaysia 2017

Malaysia is one of the most dynamic digital market in Southeast Asia with a profusion of famous blogs. The following Top 50 blogs from Malaysia was created to gather the most prominent blogs of the Malaysian online community and help everyone find and learn from digital thought-leaders and trendsetters of the region.

One of the advantages of the country is that many Malaysians are very proficient in the use of English, generally helping business in Malaysia. Many blogs from Malaysia are therefore written in English and have reached a global recognition; they are easy to understand for the rest of Southeast Asia as well.

Nevertheless, several blogs in Malay language also have become prominent and gathered a large national audience; these successful blogs in Malay are noted with their language hereafter in the following list to guide through the blogosphere of Malaysia.

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List of the Top 50 blogs from Malaysia

After carefully combing more than 200 blogs using the method detailed below, here are the results of the most influential blogs from Malaysia. Through various themes and industries, they regroup blogs written primarily by a single author with personal opinions on unique or multiple themes, focused on a particular niche or aiming at a massive audience.

Each blog’s main themes have been added to make the list more user-friendly and help you learn about blogs that correspond to your interests… or the product or service you might want these influencers to talk about.

As a final note, the very prominent “blog” Hongkiat has not been integrated in the following list as it has now outgrown both its Malaysian roots, with authors from around the world, and its status of “blog” now also seems to be questionable for such a large media that publishes numerous articles everyday with a massive global audience. Congratulations for such a success.

Note that this post is part of a series on top blogs in Southeast Asia:

1. Paul Tan

Themes: automotive

Paul TanFacebook: paultanautonews
Instagram: paultancars
Twitter: paultan
Estimated monthly traffic: 5,700,000 !!!
Total social media community: 741,000

2. Gecko & Fly

Themes: tech – Note: Blogged by Ngan Tenguyen, who also writes the blog Mirage Studio 7 (#21)

Gecko & FlyFacebook: geckoandfly
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,600,000 !
Total social media community: 4,800

3. Proudduck

Themes: food, lifestyle

ProudduckFacebook: vivyyusof
Instagram: vivyyusof
Twitter: vivyyusof
Estimated monthly traffic: 98,300
Total social media community: 1,150,000 !

4. SoyaCincau

Themes: tech

SoyaCincauFacebook: mysoyacincau
Twitter: soya_cincau
Estimated monthly traffic: 594,000
Total social media community: 90,300

5. Jane Chuck

Themes: travel, beauty, lifestyle

Jane ChuckFacebook: janechuck
Instagram: janechuck
Twitter: JaneChuck
Estimated monthly traffic: 23,500
Total social media community: 888,000

6. Bangsar Babe

Themes: food, travel, beauty

Bangsar BabeFacebook: thebangsarbabe
Instagram: bangsarbabe
Twitter: bangsarbabe
Estimated monthly traffic: 42,400
Total social media community: 582,000

7. Sensasi Selebrity

Themes: entertainment, media – Note: blog written in Malay

Sensasi SelebrityFacebook: budieydotcom
Instagram: budiey
Twitter: budiey
Estimated monthly traffic: 134,200
Total social media community: 316,000

8. My women stuff

Themes: beauty

My women stuffFacebook: MyWomenStuff
Instagram: parisbmws
Twitter: paris_b
Estimated monthly traffic: 267,700
Total social media community: 13,200

9. Places and Foods

Themes: travel, food

Places and FoodsFacebook: placesandfoodspage
Instagram: placesandfoods
Twitter: placesandfoods
Estimated monthly traffic: 167,800
Total social media community: 160,000

10. Cheeserland

Themes: lifestyle, travel, lifestyle

CheeserlandFacebook: cheeserland
Instagram: cheeserland
Twitter: cheesie
Estimated monthly traffic: 92,200
Total social media community: 294,000

11. Barely Supermommy

Themes: parenting

Barely SupermommyFacebook: drhalina
Instagram: drhalina
Twitter: DrHalina
Estimated monthly traffic: 7,600
Total social media community: 408,000

12. Beautyholics Anonymous

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Beautyholics AnonymousFacebook: beautyholicsanonymous
Instagram: sweetcontemplation
Twitter: fortheloveofme
Estimated monthly traffic: 179,000
Total social media community: 9,100

13. Tommy Ooi

Themes: travel

Tommy OoiFacebook: tommyooicom
Instagram: tommyooi88
Estimated monthly traffic: 159,400
Total social media community: 24,000

14. I’m a full-time mummy

Themes: parenting

I'm a full-time mummyFacebook: theimafulltimemummy
Twitter: imaftmummy
Estimated monthly traffic: 11,300
Total social media community: 281,000

15. Nisa Kay

Themes: beauty, lifestyle – Note: blog written in Malay

Nisa KayFacebook: nisakay13
Youtube: TheNisaKay
Instagram: nisa_kay
Twitter: nisa_kay
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,300
Total social media community: 235,000

16. KC Lau

Themes: money, finance

KC LauFacebook: kclaumoney
Youtube: kclaumoney
Twitter: moneytips
Estimated monthly traffic: 122,300
Total social media community: 34,800

17. Four Feet Nine

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, parenting

Four Feet NineFacebook: fourfeetninedotcom
Instagram: fourfeetnine
Twitter: fourfeetnine
Estimated monthly traffic: 53,300
Total social media community: 148,000

18. VKeong

Themes: food

VKeongFacebook: malaysiafoodntravel
Instagram: vkeong_
Estimated monthly traffic: 94,400
Total social media community: 47,000

19. Ammboi

Themes: news, world, entertainment – Note: blog written in Malay

AmmboiFacebook: ammboimedia
Twitter: amrixammboi
Estimated monthly traffic: 92,100
Total social media community: 51,200

20. Eat Drink KL

Themes: food

Eat Drink KLFacebook: eatdrinkdotmy
Instagram: eatdrinkdotmy
Estimated monthly traffic: 75,500
Total social media community: 71,000

21. Mirage Studio 7

Themes: design, architecture – Note: Blogged by Ngan Tenguyen, who also writes the blog Gecko & Fly (#2)

Mirage Studio 7Facebook: miragestudio7
Estimated monthly traffic: 101,800
Total social media community: 3,600

22. Rebecca Saw

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

Rebecca SawFacebook: RebeccaSawBlog
Instagram: wackybecky
Twitter: wackybecky
Estimated monthly traffic: 87,900
Total social media community: 20,000

23. Emily’s Anthology

Themes: beauty – Note: Emily is primarily a famous vlogger on Youtube

Emily's AnthologyYoutube: emilyquak
Facebook: EmilysAnthology
Instagram: emilyquak
Twitter: emilyquak
Estimated monthly traffic: 23,200
Total social media community: 176,200

24. Karen Kho

Themes: fitness, beauty, travel

Karen KhoInstagram: karenkh0
Twitter: karenkh0
Estimated monthly traffic: 10,600
Total social media community: 154,000

25. Ken Hunts Food

Themes: food

Ken Hunts FoodFacebook: kenhuntsfood
Instagram: kenhuntsfood
Estimated monthly traffic: 70,800
Total social media community: 32,700

26. Chan Won

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, travel

Chan WonFacebook: ChanwonSweetie
Instagram: chanwon92
Twitter: chanwon
Estimated monthly traffic: 37,600
Total social media community: 97,000

27. Malaysian Flavours

Themes: food

Malaysian FlavoursFacebook: malaysianflavours
Instagram: malaysianflavours
Estimated monthly traffic: 74,500
Total social media community: 20,800

28. Tziaaa

Themes: beauty, travel, food

TziaaaFacebook: tziaaa47
Instagram: tziaaa
Twitter: tziaaa47
Estimated monthly traffic: 6,200
Total social media community: 154,000

29. Malaysian Foodie

Themes: food

Malaysian FoodieFacebook: malaysianfoodie
Estimated monthly traffic: 62,200
Total social media community: 36,000

30. Malaysia Asia

Themes: travel

Malaysia AsiaFacebook: MalaysiaAsiaPage
Instagram: malaysiaasia
Twitter: MalaysiaAsia
Estimated monthly traffic: 45,300
Total social media community: 61,900

31. Faizal Fredley

Themes: travel – Note: blog written in Malay

Faizal FredleyFacebook: faizalfredleynetwork
Instagram: faizalfredley
Twitter: faizalfredley
Estimated monthly traffic: 32,800
Total social media community: 74,000

32. Sunshine Kelly

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, travel, food

Sunshine KellyFacebook: SunshineKelly2988
Instagram: sunshinekelly2988
Twitter: kelly2988
Estimated monthly traffic: 41,900
Total social media community: 51,400

33. KY Speaks

Themes: food

KY SpeaksFacebook: KYspeakscom
Instagram: kyspeaks
Twitter: kyspeaks
Estimated monthly traffic: 63,600
Total social media community: 6,700

34. Timothy Tiah

Themes: food, travel

Timothy TiahInstagram: timtiah
Twitter: timothytiah
Estimated monthly traffic: 43,800
Total social media community: 9,800

35. Kampungboy Citygal

Themes: food, travel

Kampungboy CitygalFacebook: kampungboycitygal
Instagram: kampungboycitygal
Twitter: kgboycitygal
Estimated monthly traffic: 45,900
Total social media community: 40,000

36. Ariff Shah

Themes: finance, travel, lifestyle – Note: blog written in Malay

Ariff ShahFacebook: blog.ariff
Instagram: shahariff
Twitter: ariffshah
Estimated monthly traffic: 46,800
Total social media community: 29,000

37. Motormouth from Ipoh

Themes: food

Motormouth from IpohFacebook: AllAboutIpoh
Instagram: ipohmotormouth
Twitter: j2kfm
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,800
Total social media community: 68,000

38. CC Food Travel

Themes: food, travel

CC Food TravelFacebook: ccfoodtravel
Instagram: ccfoodtravel
Twitter: agentcikay
Estimated monthly traffic: 6,600
Total social media community: 68,000

39. Small N Hot

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Small N HotFacebook: smallnhot
Instagram: smallnhot
Twitter: smallnhot
Estimated monthly traffic: 27,000
Total social media community: 48,000

40. Maxmayo

Themes: fashion, lifestyle

MaxmayoFacebook: maxmayocom
Estimated monthly traffic: 46,400
Total social media community: 3,400

41. Always Travelicious

Themes: travel

Always TraveliciousFacebook: alwaystravelicious
Instagram: atravelicious
Twitter: atravelicious
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,900
Total social media community: 43,000

42. Shaolin Tiger

Themes: lifestyle, food, travel

Shaolin TigerTwitter: ShaolinTiger
Estimated monthly traffic: 43,800
Total social media community: 3,400

43. Bubbly Notes

Themes: beauty, lifestyle – Note: blog written in Malay

Bubbly NotesFacebook: bubblynotes
Instagram: farahwaheda
Twitter: ladiefarah
Estimated monthly traffic: 33,200
Total social media community: 21,000

44. Street Love

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Street LoveFacebook: StreetLoveMY
Instagram: fionastreetlove
Estimated monthly traffic: 39,300
Total social media community: 4,900

45. Red Mummy

Themes: food, lifestyle  – Note: blog written in Malay

Red MummyFacebook: redmummydotcom
Instagram: redmummydotcom
Twitter: redmummydotcom
Estimated monthly traffic: 22,400
Total social media community: 36,100

46. Sabrina Tajudin

Themes: beauty, lifestyle – Note: blog written in Malay

Sabrina TajudinFacebook: Sabrina-Tajudin
Youtube: BySabrinartYT
Instagram: sabrinatajudin
Twitter: sabrinatajudin_
Estimated monthly traffic: 31,800
Total social media community: 15,900

47. Jessy the KL Chic

Themes: food, lifestyle

Jessy the KL ChicFacebook: jessytheklchic
Instagram: jessytheklchic
Estimated monthly traffic: 35,000
Total social media community: 7,100

48. Narcissism is Necessary

Themes: food, beauty, travel, parenting

Narcissism is NecessaryInstagram: kimberzilla
Twitter: kimberzilla
Estimated monthly traffic: 35,800
Total social media community: 5,200

49. Cik Lily Putih

Themes: beauty, food

Cik Lily PutihInstagram: ciklilyputih
Twitter: CikLilyPutih
Estimated monthly traffic: 29,900
Total social media community: 16,900

50. Mr Jocko

Themes: travel – Note: blog written in Malay

Mr JockoFacebook: MrJockoDotCom
Instagram: mrjocko
Twitter: mrjocko
Estimated monthly traffic: 24,700
Total social media community: 26,000



Top bloggers from Malaysia on Twitter

List of top blogs from Malaysia on TwitterHere is the complete top 50 blogs from Malaysia. To help you stay informed on their activities, a Twitter list has been created to regroup their Twitter profiles (when available) together with some other top bloggers from Malaysia active on Twitter.

You can check what they are up to and follow the whole list to keep in touch with them all at once. Of course, don’t forget to follow @ASEANUP too! 🙂

Malaysia’s top blogs selection criteria

Though the highest ranking blogs and websites in many “top” lists are often legitimate, when a single tool is used to rank these websites the middle and lower ranking ones are often not the most relevant, because of the inherent characteristics of the tool used. That’s why the previous list has been created by carefully selecting the 50 most influential blogs from Malaysia through a combination of well-established tools for digital marketing.

Domain authority and estimated monthly traffic

First, a shortlist of 100 blogs with recent updates was created by screening 200+ of the most prominent blogs in English, Malay and Chinese from Malaysia through MOZ’s Domain Authority and SimilarWeb’s monthly estimated traffic as of May 2017. Only the blogs with high domain authority or estimated traffic were kept.

Total social media community

Then, the social media community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of each blog in the shortlist was recorded when they were above 500 followers. These communities were added to create a “total social media community” for each blog and indicate the general popularity of the blog/blogger on social media.

Note that the Youtube followers of Emily Quak (#23) have been added to her community as she is primarily a vlogger on Youtube, with more than 85,000 followers.

Final ranking 

Finally by combining SimilarWeb’s estimated monthly traffic (weighed 2) and the total social media community (weighed 1) for each blog, the shortlist was ordered from the most to least influential. The top 50 blogs obtained through these aggregated criteria were finally retained to ensure the most relevant references and measure blogs through their relative influence in one useful list.

What do you think about our top blogs from Malaysia? Was this list useful to you? Did we miss any influential blog? Leave your comments below!

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  1. what about blogs on politics? why not include them? i believe by far they have amassed more than those 50 blogs youve wrote.

    1. Hi,
      Blogs about politics were not included because ASEAN UP focuses on business-related themes and it is not the role of ASEAN UP to promote any form of political opinion.

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