Top 50 Blogs from Singapore 2017

Top 50 Blogs Singapore 2017

Singapore is home to a vibrant blogging community and an internet powerhouse of Southeast Asia. The following Top 50 blogs from Singapore was therefore created to list the pillars of the Singaporean online community and, for many of them, thought-leaders of the regional and global blogosphere.

One the major advantage of the country is the proficiency in the use of English, helping the success of all business in Singapore. In the digital sphere, as they are written in good English, many blogs from Singapore are well-recognized internationally as they can be understood by a global audience.

The following Top 50 will help you navigate through the Singaporean blogosphere, by listing the country’s most successful blogs.

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List of the Top 50 blogs from Singapore

After carefully combing more than 120 blogs using the method detailed below, here are the results of the most influential blogs from Singapore. Through various themes and industries, they regroup blogs from single and multiple authors, personal opinions, unique or multiple themes, niche focus or mass audience broadcast.

Each blog’s main themes have been added to make the list more user-friendly and help you learn about blogs that correspond to your interests… or the product or service you might want these influencers to talk about.

Note that this post is part of a series on top blogs in Southeast Asia:

1. The Smart Local

Themes: travel, attractions, food, lifestyle, beauty.

Originally from Singapore, the Smart Local blog has the largest estimated traffic by far. Now gathering several authors, it provides useful tips and viral news for Singapore but also Malaysia, Australia and the rest of the world.

The Smart LocalFacebook: TheSmartLocal
Youtube: TheSmartLocal
Instagram: thesmartlocalsg
Twitter: thesmartlocal
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,600,000 !
Total social media community: 460,000

2. LadyIronChef

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

LadyIronChefFacebook: ladyironchef
Twitter: ladyironchef
Instagram: ladyironchef
Estimated monthly traffic: 553,500
Total social media community: 1,203,000 !

3. DanielFoodDiary

Themes: food

DanielFoodDiaryFacebook: DanielFoodDiary
Instagram: danielfooddiary
Twitter: danielfooddiary
Estimated monthly traffic: 595,500
Total social media community: 519,000

4. Xiaxue

Themes: opinionated blogging about beauty, lifestyle and parenting

Instagram: xiaxue
Twitter: Xiaxue
Youtube: TheXiaxue
Estimated monthly traffic: 36,300
Total social media community: 1,594,000 !

5. Seth Lui

Themes: food, travel, nightlife

Seth LuiFacebook: sethluimarketing
Instagram: sethluicious
Twitter: SethLui
Estimated monthly traffic: 658,400
Total social media community: 116,000

6. Parka Blogs

Themes: art books and products

Parka BlogsFacebook: parkablogs
Twitter: ParkaBlogs
Youtube: teohyc
Instagram: parkablogs
Estimated monthly traffic: 632,600
Total social media community: 66,000

7. Miss Tam Chiak

Themes: food and travel

Miss Tam ChiakFacebook: misstamchiak
Twitter: misstamchiak
Instagram: misstamchiak
Estimated monthly traffic: 575,600
Total social media community: 145,000

8. Money Smart Blog

Themes: personal finance, lifestyle, property, investment

Money Smart BlogFacebook: moneysmartsg
Estimated monthly traffic: 473,100
Total social media community: 105,000

9. Passport Chop

Themes: travel

Passport ChopFacebook: passportchop
Twitter: passportchopsg
Instagram: passportchop
Estimated monthly traffic: 335,000
Total social media community: 35,000

10. I eat I shoot I post

Themes: food

I eat I shoot I postFacebook: ieatishootipost
Twitter: ieatishootipost
Instagram: ieatishootipost
Estimated monthly traffic: 145,300
Total social media community: 348,000

11. Bong Qiuqiu

Themes: beauty, lifestyle, parenting

Bong QiuqiuFacebook: bongqiuqiu
Instagram: bongqiuqiu
Twitter: bongqiuqiu
Youtube: bongqiuqiu
Estimated monthly traffic: 102,800
Total social media community: 426,000

12. Mr. Brown

Themes: entertainment, technology, travel

Mr. BrownFacebook: mrbrownlah
Twitter: mrbrown
Youtube: mistabrown
Instagram: mr_brown
Estimated monthly traffic: 49,100
Total social media community: 452,000

13. Johor Kaki Blog

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

Johor Kaki BlogFacebook: johorkaki
Instagram: johorkaki
Estimated monthly traffic: 185,300
Total social media community: 63,000

14. Viva Woman

Themes: beauty, organic cosmetics

Viva WomanFacebook: VivaWoman
Twitter: vivawoman
Instagram: sesamechew
Estimated monthly traffic: 179,200
Total social media community: 7,000

15. Aspirant SG

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

Aspirant SGFacebook: aspirantsg
Instagram: aspirantsg
Twitter: AspirantSG
Estimated monthly traffic: 94,600
Total social media community: 108,000

16. Alvinology

Themes: entertainment, lifestyle, food, travel

AlvinologyFacebook: alvinologist
Twitter: alvinologist
Instagram: alvinology
Estimated monthly traffic: 64,300
Total social media community: 148,000

17. The Ordinary Patrons

Themes: food

The Ordinary PatronsFacebook: OrdinaryPatrons
Estimated monthly traffic: 109,800
Total social media community: 1,000

18. Bagaholic Boy

Themes: beauty, fashion, accessories

Bagaholic BoyFacebook: Bagaholicboy
Instagram: bagaholicboy
Twitter: Bagaholicboy
Estimated monthly traffic: 31,700
Total social media community: 145,000

19. Cheekiemonkies

Themes: parenting and lifestyle

CheekiemonkiesFacebook: cheekiemonkies
Instagram: cheekiemonkies
Estimated monthly traffic: 79,300
Total social media community: 25,000

20. SG Food on Foot

Themes: food

SG Food on FootFacebook: sgfoodonfoot
Instagram: sgfoodonfoot
Estimated monthly traffic: 63,200
Total social media community: 44,000

21. Spring Tomorrow

Themes: food, lifestyle

Spring TomorrowFacebook: springtomorrowblog
Instagram: springtomorrow
Estimated monthly traffic: 77,100
Total social media community: 4,000

22. Cuisine Paradise

Themes: food

Cuisine ParadiseFacebook: CuisineParadise
Instagram: cuisineparadise
Twitter: CuisineParadise
Estimated monthly traffic: 55,900
Total social media community: 40,000

23. Delishar

Themes: food

DelisharFacebook: delishar2
Instagram: _delishar_
Estimated monthly traffic: 65,200
Total social media community: 16,000

24. SuperAdrianMe

Themes: food, travel, events

SuperAdrianMeFacebook: superadrianmedotcom
Twitter: SuperAdrianMe
Estimated monthly traffic: 59,200
Total social media community: 22,000

25. Lester Chan

Themes: technology

Lester ChanFacebook:
Twitter: gamerz
Estimated monthly traffic: 55,600
Total social media community: 6,000

26. 365days2play

Themes: food, travel

365days2playFacebook: 365days2play
Instagram: 365days2play
Estimated monthly traffic: 55,500
Total social media community: 3,000

27. Sophie Willocq

Themes: beauty, fashion

Sophie WillocqFacebook: sophiewillocq
Instagram: sophiewillocq
Twitter: sophiewillocq
Estimated monthly traffic: 6,200
Total social media community: 100,000

28. Tiffany Yong

Themes: entertainment, lifestyle

Tiffany YongFacebook: tiffanyyongwt4242
Instagram: tiffanyyongwt4242
Estimated monthly traffic: 45,400
Total social media community: 19,000

29. Flora Isabelle

Themes: travel, food, lifestyle

Flora IsabelleFacebook: floraisabelle
Instagram: floraisabelle
Estimated monthly traffic: 15,800
Total social media community: 56,000

30. Chubby Hubby

Themes: food

Chubby HubbyFacebook: chubbyhubbyblog
Instagram: aun_koh
Twitter: aunkoh
Estimated monthly traffic: 36,800
Total social media community: 14,000

31. The Baking Biatch

Themes: food

The Baking BiatchFacebook: TheBakingBiatch
Estimated monthly traffic: 38,100
Total social media community: 11,000

32. Sparklette

Themes: travel, food, liefstyle

SparkletteFacebook: sparklette
Twitter: Sparklette
Instagram: SparkletteMagazine
Estimated monthly traffic: 22,100
Total social media community: 41,000

33. Camemberu

Themes: food

CamemberuFacebook: Camemberu.Blog
Instagram: camemberu
Twitter: camemberu
Estimated monthly traffic: 32,400
Total social media community: 14,000

34. Beatrice Tan

Themes: beauty, fashion, lifestyle

Beatrice TanInstagram: beatricesays
Facebook: beatricetancom
Estimated monthly traffic: 4,700
Total social media community: 69,000

35. Techie Lobang

Themes: technology

Techie LobangFacebook: techielobang
Estimated monthly traffic: 33,700
Total social media community: 2,000

36. I wander

Themes: travel

I wanderFacebook: I.Wanderblog
Instagram: iwanderrr
Estimated monthly traffic: 25,800
Total social media community: 15,000

37. The Ranting Panda

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

The Ranting PandaFacebook: therantingpanda
Instagram: theRantingPanda
Estimated monthly traffic: 20,900
Total social media community: 25,000

38. Miss Neverfull

Themes: food

Miss NeverfullFacebook: meldoyju
Instagram: miss_neverfull
Estimated monthly traffic: 19,500
Total social media community: 27,000

39. Working With Grace

Themes: business, lifestyle

Working With GraceFacebook: thegracetan
Estimated monthly traffic: 18,500
Total social media community: 15,000

40. Sixpegs

Themes: travel, lifestyle

SixpegsFacebook: SIXPEGS-110340772317244
Instagram: sixpegs
Twitter: sixpegs
Estimated monthly traffic: 9,900
Total social media community: 30,000

41. Sengkang Babies

Themes: parenting, sports, travel

Sengkang BabiesFacebook: SengkangBabiesBlog
Instagram: sengkangbabies
Estimated monthly traffic: 18,100
Total social media community: 5,000

42. Eat What Tonight

Themes: food

Eat What TonightFacebook: eatwhattonight
Estimated monthly traffic: 18,600
Total social media community: 4,000

43. Ms Skinnyfat

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

Ms SkinnyfatFacebook: MsSkinnyfat
Instagram: msskinnyfat
Estimated monthly traffic: 16,500
Total social media community: 7,000

44. Life’s Tiny Miracles

Themes: parenting, travel, lifestyle

Life's Tiny MiraclesFacebook: lifestinymiracles
Instagram: lifestinymiracles
Estimated monthly traffic: 15,900
Total social media community: 6,000

45. The Occasional Traveller

Themes: travel

The Occasional TravellerFacebook: TheOccasionalTraveller
Twitter: jac_theocctrav
Estimated monthly traffic: 17,300
Total social media community: 3,000

46. Only William

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle

Only WilliamFacebook: WilliamTanBlog
Instagram: william82sg
Estimated monthly traffic: 3,700
Total social media community: 22,000

47. Melicacy

Themes: food, travel

MelicacyFacebook: melicacyblog
Instagram: melicacy
Twitter: melicacy
Estimated monthly traffic: 4,600
Total social media community: 19,000

48. Travelerfolio

Themes: travel

Twitter: travelerfolio
Instagram: travelerfolio
Estimated monthly traffic: 7,700
Total social media community: 8,000

49. GNineThree

Themes: food, travel

GNineThreeFacebook: Gninethree
Instagram: gninethree
Estimated monthly traffic: 2,700
Total social media community: 20,000

50. ED Unloaded

Themes: parenting

ED UnloadedFacebook: edunloaded
Twitter: edunloaded
Estimated monthly traffic: 6,200
Total social media community: 5,000


Top bloggers from Singapore on Twitter

List of top blogs from Singapore on TwitterHere is the complete top 50 blogs from Singapore. To help you stay informed on their activities, a Twitter list has been created to regroup their Twitter profiles (when available) together with some other top bloggers from Singapore active on Twitter.

You can check what they are up to and follow the whole list to keep in touch with them all at once. Of course, don’t forget to follow @ASEANUP too! 🙂

Singapore’s top blogs selection criteria

Though the highest ranking blogs and websites in many “top” lists are often legitimate, when a single tool is used to rank these websites the middle and lower ranking ones are often not the most relevant, because of the inherent characteristics of the tool used. That’s why the previous list has been created by carefully selecting the 50 most influential blogs from Singapore through a combination of well-established tools for digital marketing.

Domain authority and estimated monthly traffic

First, a shortlist of 70 blogs with recent updates was created by screening 120+ of the most prominent blogs in English from Singapore through MOZ’s Domain Authority and SimilarWeb’s monthly estimated traffic as of February 2017. Only the blogs with high domain authority or estimated traffic were kept. One high-ranking blog in Chinese language was left out of the shortlist:

Total social media community

Then, the social media community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube of each blog in the shortlist was recorded when they were above 1,000 followers. These communities were added to create a “total social media community” for each blog and indicate the general popularity of the blog/blogger on social media.

Final ranking 

Finally by combining SimilarWeb’s estimated monthly traffic (weighed 2) and the total social media community (weighed 1) for each blog, the shortlist was ordered from the most to least influential. The top 50 blogs obtained through these aggregated criteria were finally retained to ensure the most relevant references and measure blogs through their relative influence in one useful list.

What do you think about our top blogs from Singapore? Was this list useful to you? Did we miss any influential blog? Leave your comments below!

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