4 free maps of Singapore

Free maps of Singapore

Quality maps of Singapore can be useful to illustrate ideas or projects for your website or blog, or to create your own maps. Here is a collection of copyright or royalty free, labelled, blank and subway maps of Singapore to be used directly as is, or to be elaborated upon to create beautiful modern maps to suit your purposes.

We have collected these free maps around the web so that you can use them in any way you need. If you use them on your websites or blogs, please consider adding a link back to ASEAN UP, and don’t forget to let us know what you do with them in the comments. Enjoy!

If you need more maps of Southeast Asia, ASEAN and its member countries, check the following resources:

Map of Singapore (2008)

Map of Singapore

Large Singapore blank map

Large Singapore blank map
Click to view the full-size image

Political map of Singapore (2005)

Political map of Singapore 2005
Click to view the full-size image

Singapore MRT-LRT transport system

Singapore MRT-LRT transport system
Click to open the latest system map from the Singapore Land Transport Authority

Free maps can be obtained from the US Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Free Large Images website.

What do you think of these new maps? Are they useful? How do you use them? Would you need other maps? Let us know in the comments!

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