Official website for investment in the Philippines

Official Invest Philippines website

The Philippines has become one of the most attractive countries to do business in Asia in the recent years. In order to attract, inform and help more companies to conduct business, the Philippine government has created a website to gather all the important information to set up a company, trade and spread the word on interesting business opportunities.

The Invest Philippines website provides clear information about all the necessary resources for Philippine and foreign companies and businessmen interested in doing business in the Philippines. The website is also a directory towards economic, social, legal and business data required to properly conduct operations in or with the Philippines.

Doing business in the Philippines

One of the main purposes of the Invest Philippines website is to gather the official information to open a company in the Philippines. Together with the cost and procedures associated to operate in the Philippines or conduct trade in the country, a number of external references are provide to guide visitors further.

With specific details on some critical administrative and compliance procedures, the Invest Philippines website is a valuable asset for inquisitive companies and business developers in the Philippines:

Business opportunities in certain industries

The Invest Philippines website puts a strong emphasis on certain sectors that are deemed attractive for business and that the government intends to promote more specifically, such as Business Process Outsourcing or tourism. With extra information and resources, the following industries regroup several particularly interesting business opportunities:

  • Manufacturing
    • Mining and Mineral Processing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Footwear
    • Shipbuilding
    • Electronics/Semi-conductors
  • IT & BPO
  • Tourism
  • Agri-business
    • Processed Fruits and Vegetables
    • Seaweeds
    • Tropical Fruit Purees and Juices
    • Fresh Tropical Fruits
    • Mango Seed Oil
    • Sugar Plantations
    • Fisheries
    • Dairy
    • Bioethanol
    • Biofuels
    • Coco Methyl Esther

Incentives and special economic zones

Information concerning several special economic zones in the Philippines and particular incentives for business interested in setting up there are summarized too. The government proposes specific incentives in certain zones and/or through particular conditions, such as for businesses involved in some of the promoted industries presented above. Each zone has its special system, focus and administration that are presented together with some special business agencies that promote business, investment or industries.

Philippine business directory

Of course, the website also contains links and contacts information towards all the necessary organs or other official entities involved in the business procedures registration or facilitation, and the top executive, legislative or judiciary authorities. A list of offices in many cities around the globe is also available for those interested in learning more and contacting someone personally in their home city: Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Taipei, Dubai, Geneva, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, London, New Delhi, Osaka, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Washington D.C..

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