Milestone: 50 resources for business in ASEAN

50 resources for business in ASEAN

ASEAN UP has reached a milestone by publishing its first 50 resources for business in ASEAN. We are proud that our project is starting to take off and we profit by the occasion to come over the website and review the resources it offers, as well as some upcoming new features.

Empowering business in ASEAN

The idea of ASEAN UP was simple: create a place where the business community in the ASEAN countries and people interested about the ASEAN region could learn, share and come together to foster the regional and international business culture, and hopefully have an effect towards the economic growth of ASEAN and its 10 member countries.

As the ASEAN region is set to come closer by 2015 and further with the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community, many opportunities that already exist in ASEAN will become extremely attractive for local and international companies in the coming years.

To accompany this exceptional economic growth trend, that will ultimately also benefits the welfare of the people of ASEAN, ASEAN UP was founded by Florian Bansac to provide quality and reliable business resources, tips and tools, news and information for all businesses and professionals who could be interested in our modest contribution.

Resources, tools and news for business in ASEAN

ASEAN UP aims at publishing and curating free quality resources in English for business in ASEAN and all its member countries: tools & tips, videos, market info, visuals & graphics… These resources are classified by type and by ASEAN country economic weight/population to make it easier to navigate through the growing number of resources:

To help businesses and professionals grow their network in ASEAN, ASEAN UP also hosts its ASEAN Directory that provides a place for anyone to register their ASEAN website for free and get known by the community together with the SEO benefit of getting a good and legitimate link to your website.

As ASEAN UP continues to grow it will provide more tools, services and resources, yet is already also propose another useful one: the review of ASEAN news and each of its 10 member countries. Through our ASEAN online press review, anyone can have access to the most recent and interesting, as well as archives of news published by the most famous international website, starting in early 2014.

ASEAN UP development

ASEAN UP is also an experience in itself, evolving as time passes. Today with this post we also create a new category of information that will not only host our blog but also a link to our ASEAN news review and hopefully soon, a whole array of other news that our users could suggest us: guest blogs, start-ups, products or services pitches, events, etc. More information, resources, tools and services will surely come along.

Aside from our main website, we have launched our social media profiles and publish our news there. So if you want to keep up with our latest resources and news, and share with us, do not hesitate to like/follow/+1 us on your favorite network:

See you all soon for new resources, tips, tools and adventures! 🙂

Your turn: tell us what you think of ASEAN UP

  • Do you like the resources published so far? Are they useful?
  • What resources, tools or news would you like to find here?
  • Do you have any suggestion for us?

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