ASEAN UP is one year old!

ASEAN UP 1 year old! Happy Birthday!

With the coming of the month of April, ASEAN UP just reaches its first birthday! Its modest yet encouraging success until now let us be hopeful for the future. It is a good time to review the work accomplished and perspectives for future with the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community.

Conceived in 2013, and begun in January 2014, the ASEAN UP website was initially published in early April 2014. It has therefore just reached it first year of official existence. And since it is now reaching the mark of 10,000 monthly visitors, and growing fast, it is quite a happy birthday. 🙂

One year at the service of the business community in Southeast Asia

Business resources

With the coming together of the ASEAN Economic Community – AEC, ASEAN UP has been started with a primary dedication to publishing business resources for ASEAN and its ten member countries. Further on, a whole new section was proposed to review the people, institutions and companies that influence business in Southeast Asia.

For those who have missed it, the official launch of the ASEAN Economic Community – AEC – will make some important changes for business in Southeast Asia from next year. But until this new beginning, ASEAN will have a big year in 2015.

Despite some political and economic concerns in Southeast Asia, ASEAN UP has followed its road map and reached a few months ago the milestone of having published 100 business resources for Southeast Asia. Aside from the publication of Southeast Asia business resources, some technical systems were also set up to make the website useful for the whole business community of Southeast Asia.

Business tools

ASEAN UP’s directory enables all businesses and websites of quality to register in ASEAN UP and gain some exposure to its audience. With a similar objective a new agenda for events has also been created to allow the submission of business events in Southeast Asia.

Alongside these resources and tools, ASEAN UP also provides some news reviews and data for business in Southeast Asia, ASEAN and its 10 member countries. More information, resources and useful tools are to be expected in the coming months… Be sure to come back regularly to check the latest resources and developments!


ASEAN UP’s dedication to the business community of Southeast Asia is concomitant to the development of its presence on social media. Very active on Twitter from the start, as it is a perfect place to find and share news and resources, we have also moved forward on the other major social media too.

More community actions and tools are also under evaluation, we’ll keep you posted when some stuff comes out!

Anyway, since ASEAN UP exists primarily for its readers and users, we would also wish you a happy birthday: Happy Birthday to you! We hope there will be many more to come!

Now it’s you turn! Let us know what you think about ASEAN UP and its different tools! Do not hesitate to give us your suggestions for what you would like to be implemented or where ASEAN UP should go next in the comments.

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  1. Congratulations and kudos to the team of ASEAN UP. I have been reading your articles and consider it as a good resource to be in the loop in the AMS region. We are looking forward to more information and happenings and maybe, as an ASEAN Master Assessor of the Philippines, contribute to your website on the latest happenings in our country. Mabuhay and more power!

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