Connecting the ASEAN community

ASEAN connectivity: vision for 2015 onward

With the approaching launch of the ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN is supporting several initiatives to make it become a successful reality. This video presents the vision of ASEAN for 2015 onward to enhance connectivity for ASEAN peoples and businesses, and foster growth, culture and welfare.

Key points of ASEAN’s vision to connect its community

ASEAN’s vision is to forge a better future for the Southeast Asian region, strengthen the links between countries, peoples and businesses, and enhance the region’s prosperity. The goal of ASEAN connectivity is make this vision come true for the ASEAN community, and ASEAN communicates about it.

ASEAN has a great potential to attract business and economic development in its ten member countries, with a large population and important combined GDP, as detailed in these infographics on the population, market and economy of ASEAN.

Through the connectivity of ASEAN, its potential will become more and more real, thanks to the region becoming more competitive and relevant. ASEAN connectivity focuses on three key dimensions:

  • Physical connectivity: improving infrastructure for transport, communication and energy.
  • Institutional connectivity: enhancing trade, investment, border management and regulatory frameworks to foster economic growth and prosperity
  • People to people connectivity: promoting education, human resources management, ASEAN culture and tourism, mobility and welfare in Southeast Asia

The purpose of ASEAN connectivity is to improve the lives of the citizens of all ASEAN member states: providing more opportunities, enhancing economic and social development, and uniting the ten countries to leverage their power as a whole.

With the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community on 31 December 2015, the year 2015 will be a major milestone for ASEAN connectivity. 2015 will be an official signal for the world that ASEAN is connected and ready to stand forward for the significant force it represents.

ASEAN connectivity will benefit the ASEAN peoples and businesses: here are the benefits of the ASEAN Economic Community for business. ASEAN connectivity will help its member states to become stronger, safer and better prepared for the future. From the launch of the AEC in 2015, ASEAN will be closer together; ASEAN will be stronger.

Video published in August 2014 by ASEAN

2 Replies to “Connecting the ASEAN community”

  1. How many benefits did ten countries get from ASEAN membership? and will we get any disadvantage from the 4 pillars of ASEAN?

    1. Hi,

      Well, though some issues arise from increased competition between ASEAN companies, the benefits of engaging into ASEAN far outweigh the problems.

      The principal advantages come from economic, business and political power, as ASEAN is together is much more powerful in international relations than any of the ten countries on its own. Some illustrations of this can be found in our ASEAN infographic.

      There are of courses multiple other advantages to ASEAN, check the “Southeast Asia” section of ASEAN UP to review some of these advantages.


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