7 insights and perspectives about ASEAN

7 things to know about ASEAN

This new video presents 7 insights and perspectives that make ASEAN one of the most dynamic and competitive region in the world. Through a beautiful animation, the current and projected population and economy of ASEAN demonstrate the attractiveness of the Association of South-East Asian Nations.

Important insights about ASEAN

  • If it were a single country, the combined land areas of ASEAN would make it the 7th largest country in the world
  • ASEAN is on its way to becoming the 4th largest economy by 2050
  • ASEAN is more populated than Europe, with the world’s 3rd largest labor force
  • 67 million ASEAN households are currently in the consuming class; it could double to 125 million by 2025
  • Total ASEAN Facebook users make it the world’s 2nd largest Facebook community
  • Inter-ASEAN trade is less than 50% that of North-American Free-Trage Agreement – NAFTA – or the European Union – EU. The ASEAN Economic Community – AEC – aims at developing trade, by freeing the movement of:
    • Goods & Services
    • Skilled Labor
    • Capital
  • ASEAN hosts 227 of the world companies with more than 1 Billion USD in revenues, which is only 3% of the world’s total
  • ASEAN governments’ debt is under 47% of GDP, well below the UK or the US
  • ASEAN is the world’s 4th largest exporting region, behind the EU, US and China
  • Income differences between ASEAN member states are 7 times higher than the EU’s
  • ASEAN aims at creating jobs, prosperity and a single production base to become more than just the sums of its 10 members

This video was published in May 2014 by McKinsey & Company.

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