ASEAN infographic: economy and demography

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Here’s a new infographic that illustrates the demographic and economic challenges and reasons behind the ASEAN integration. Produced for your embedding pleasure, it clearly illustrates internal issues and global advantages for South-East Asian nations to form a strong economic block and gain a louder political voice.

Revised 15 March 2015

“Why ASEAN” infographic: demography and economy of ASEAN

The “Why ASEAN” infographic presents the challenges of gathering different nations with uneven economies into a regional block to foster its competitiveness as a whole. With various economic, cultural and demographic issues to overcome, the proximity of ASEAN countries brings a unique opportunity for all 10 members to countries to benefit by working together.

Moving towards more integration through the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community – AEC – in 2015 will take ASEAN countries one step further into the right direction. If they succeed at uniting economically, ASEAN nations could claim a stronger political voice too, through the significant economy they will weigh in at negotiation tables, in terms of total GDP and, even more, as the world’s third most populated market.

The different points presented here can also be found in individual infographics on ASEAN population, economy and market.

Infographic: ASEAN countries population and economy

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