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Join the ASEAN business community!

Empowering business in Southeast Asia further and accompanying the ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN UP implements new tools to help business in the region. Introducing the ASEAN business community, ASEAN UP now helps you network, learn, share, discuss and promote yourself and your business. Continue reading

Welcome to the ASEAN Economic Community

Welcome to the ASEAN Economic Community

Since 31 December 2015, the ten ASEAN member countries have officially launched the long awaited ASEAN Economic Community. With this important milestone, Southeast Asia sets its eyes towards new heights of development and a more integrated region that will gain in global competitiveness. Continue reading

5 don'ts of content marketing

5 don’ts of content marketing

Content marketing is perceived by many first-timers as a magic way to reach customers and succeed instantly on Internet. In this brilliant and funny presentation, Rand Fishkin explains with detailed examples of real life why content marketing often fails through the analysis of five key misrepresentations. Continue reading