Open Data Philippines: the official data hub [tool]

Open Data Philippines

To provide a better access to official data and work towards more transparency, the Philippine government has created a website to centralize the country’s official information and statistics. With this objective, the portal allows people and businesses to consult varied, accurate and well-structured data.

The Open Data Philippines website,, is a portal that gathers various official sources of data that can easily be searched through an intuitive experience. With demographic, social and economic statistics the website also allows to browse through several territorial divisions and formats.

Enabling access to official Philippine data

This video, created for the launch of the Open Data Philippines portal in 2011, explains the goals of the website to empower people in the Philippines and in the whole world to access, use and analyze the official data available.

Key functions of the Open Data Philippines website

One of the main way of navigating through The Open Data Philippines website is provided through the search tool from the homepage. Also allowing the access of data by themes, the portal offers to browse the following themes:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Geospatial
  • Agriculture
  • Population
  • Education And Science
  • Infrastructure
  • Public
  • Finance
  • Cultural
  • Transport And Communication
  • Transport
  • Social Welfare
  • Public Administration
  • Law And Justice
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Employment
  • Earth Observation

Various data formats are availble, so are various levels of territorial divisions to seek relevant data:

  • Country
  • Island
  • Region
  • Province
  • Municipality
  • Barangay
  • Other
Open Data Philippines website
Click to open the Open Data Philippines website

Extra functions and access for Philippines data

Aside from its reliable data sets, the Open Data Philippines website proposes a quick access to specific information that be easily understood in several well-conceived interactive infographics on the Philippine population, consumption, prices…

This list of visually organized data and tools regroups interesting statistics from several key domains to help people and businesses quickly understand and use the information. Infographics in the Open Data Philippines notably highlight school enrollment and education, traffic visualization, budget, commodities, customs, environment.

Traffic infographic on Open Data Philippines
View the traffic infographic on Open Data Philippines

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