Official Lao PDR trade portal

Laos trade portal

Engaged into the long-term development of Laos and integration in the global economy, the Lao government is committed to developing trade. It has therefore created an online trade portal, available in English, to help businesses and people in their trading operations in and out of Laos.

Laos still has a long way to go, but the Lao government is taking clear steps towards the long-term to foster trade, develop the economy, create jobs and increase revenues in Laos. This commitment has been given international credit through the accession of Laos in the World Trade Organization in 2013, but it will ultimately benefit businesses and professionals involved in trade.

Laos trade database

Bringing businesses and people a useful tool to help them in their activities, the Lao PDR government has created a website to provide news and information on laws and regulations that could concern the various types of products to be imported or exported.

Import, export and transit of goods in Laos

The Lao PDR trade portal provides a homepage gathering all important information to guide all those interesting in:

  • commercial import into Laos
  • commercial export out of Laos
  • transit of goods trough Laos
  • information for travelers concerning limits of goods brought in from abroad
  • special regulations governing the import of agricultural products, livestock, drugs and food

Search regulations of trade in Laos

Through this online portal, anyone interesting in trading activities with Laos, import, export, transit can also:

  • search for trade laws and regulations database, thanks to a searching and filtering tool
  • search for commodities and the regulations that apply to them
  • access forms that are required to be completed by different government agencies
  • search procedures required for certain products
  • search for measure, standards or special requirements for trade of certain products

Among other trading agreements with the EU and USA, a special page is dedicated to the market access information for ASEAN, summarizing the various special agreements that Laos has conclude with its partners of ASEAN.

This portal also gathers a lot of information on customs, news, publications, articles, events, job vacancies… Be sure to check it if you are involved or interested in trading with Laos. Note that the trade portal’s information is available in both English and Lao language.

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