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Singapore statistics website

The Department of Statistics of Singapore aims at providing reliable statistics to help the country’s social and economic development. Through a very useful website, it enables anyone to access a wealth of data and to compile it according to their needs using various tools, together with reports and extra services.

The database of Singapore

The first objective of the Department of Statistics of Singapore is to “provide reliable, relevant and timely statistics”, and the website delivers on this promise. The Singapore Statistics website allows for users to browse information by themes, or alphabetically with an economic classification by business sectors and a wide array of demographic and social topics.

With the latest data available on a multitude of social and economic areas, it also allows for the profiling of Singapore through several dimensions of business interests, both economic and social.

Additional resources are also accessible in the form of publications and papers summing up key economic and demographic findings in hundreds of specific reports produced throughout the years.

Tools and graphs for Singaporean statisitics

The Singapore Statistics website also hosts various tools and visualization of data (some of them are not free) such as:

With an enormous amount of data, tools and filters, the Singapore Statistics website enables business people to find market information, data-miners to build useful reports and anyone interested in Singapore to learn the details of its economy and population. Go to the website to find the extra functions and educative corners that will be useful to you!

Department of Statistics of Singapore website
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