Integrating Philippine e-commerce in ASEAN

ASEAN 2015 & the Philippine e-commerce industry

The Philippines is an attractive market of 100 million people with little e-commerce penetration and an optimistic perspective on the ASEAN integration. Nevertheless, the Philippines presents certain peculiarities and challenges for local and foreign companies to tackle if they want to tap into the country’s great potential.

Here is a quick overview of the latest numbers of digital and mobile technologies adoption in the Philippines population.

Numbers of Internet, social media and mobile users in the Philippines in January 2017

In this environment the following presentation reviews the uses and habits of Filipinos online and how to make the most of the current digital landscape for e-commerce in the Philippines.

For a more comfortable reading, it is quite suggested to open the report in full screen!

The Philippine e-commerce industry and the ASEAN integration 2015 – summary

  • Introduction – slide 2
  • Is the Philippine market ready for e-commerce under the ASEAN 2015 integration? – slide 3
  • Objectives – slide 4

Areas of considerations and assumptions – slide 5

  • ASEAN 2015 – slide 6
  • Growth – slide 8
  • Reduced costs – slide 9
  • E-governance is weak – slide 10
  • Learn + More jobs – slide 11

For more information on e-commerce in the ASEAN region, check “Overview of e-commerce in Southeast Asia

A major disconnect to the Philippine market – slide 12

  • Big spenders – slide 13
  • We are not there… yet – slide 14
  • Philippine culture issue: credit cards – slide 15
  • Cash-on-delivery: an online store’s way-in – slide 18
  • Absence of physical cash – slide 19
  • Theoretical framework – slide 20

Alternative courses of action and recommendations – slide 22

  • Education campaigns from credit cards & online store brands – slide 23
  • Increase the confidence in the digital transactions by luring the Philippine market with free gifts – slide 24
  • Credit card brands need to develop a strong partnership with online-exclusive stores like Apple, Amazon PH and Ebay PH – slide 25
  • Cash-on-delivery mode of payment – slide 26
  • E-commerce, a threat for physical store-only brands – slide 27

Conclusion – slide 28

For more information on the use of mobile devices and Internet in the Philippines, check “Mobile Internet in the Philippines

Presentation from January 2015 by Joses Sacilioc

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