Insights and trends of e-commerce in the Philippines [market analysis]

e-commerce market Philippines

The second most populated country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a large and rapidly developing market for e-commerce. With a low income but a high growth, the Philippines has a digital population of more than 67 million people which attracts both local and regional companies who compete against a dominant player.

Though e-commerce still represents less than 1% of all sales in the Philippines, the market will grow with high double digits in the coming years. Though not as mature as e-commerce in Malaysia or booming like the Indonesian e-commerce, the Philippine population of more than 100 million still makes the country very attractive.

Digital in Philippines 2018
Numbers of Internet, social media and mobile users in the Philippines in 2018

The improving telecommunications infrastructure, the growing proportion of the population with internet connectivity, especially through mobile phones, are some of the key factors that will make the Philippines a major player of e-commerce in Southeast Asia in the very near future.

Highlights of the Philippine e-commerce market

Overview of e-commerce actors in the Philippines

The following graphic regroups the different actors in each category of the Philippine e=e-commerce landscape. It gathers the most popular e-commerce players, platforms as well as services providers in the Philippine e-commerce market, created by ecommerceiq.

Philippine Ecommerce Landscape
Click to enlarge the landscape of e-commerce in the Philippines

For more information about the key players, check the top 10 e-commerce sites in the Philippines 2018, and for official news and government actions for e-commerce in the country, read the e-commerce news from the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines.

Data and trends of the Philippine e-commerce market

With studies on the consumer trends and evolution for the coming years, Statista provides more information about the Philippine e-commerce market and consumers profiles:

  • Philippine e-commerce market revenue: US$840m in 2018.
  • Annual growth rate (2018-2022): 12.0%, with an expected market volume of US$1,322m by 2022.
  • Largest segment: Electronics & Media – US$234m in 2018.
  • User penetration: 44.1% in 2018, expected to reach 46.5% by 2022.
  • Average revenue per user:  US$17.77 in 2018

Going into further details about consumer behaviors for e-commerce in the Philippines, the following graphics derived from eshopworld compile a series of useful numbers, insights, and trends in a series about the market: numbers of consumers and evolution, important products categories and evolution, payment methods.

Philippines online shoppers 2016-2022
Growth of online shoppers in the Philippines 2016-2022
Philippines e-commerce categories 2016-2022
Evolution of e-commerce-products categories in the Philippines 2016-2022
Philippines e-commerce payment methods
Preferred payment methods of Philippine online shoppers

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