Enhancing management and leadership in ASEAN [report]

ASEAN management model

With the rapid growth of the region, companies in Southeast Asia face various challenges to manage their operations and lead their teams. The following presentation draws on the experience of many CEOs in ASEAN to assess these challenges, propose methods to tackle them successfully and prepare for the future.

ASEAN is a promising market that grows more attractive everyday. Its combined GDP of more than 2 Trillion US $, young population of more than 600 million inhabitants and the recent implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community make ASEAN a particularly interesting place for business with numerous opportunities.

In order to help local and foreign companies succeed in the region, Michael Netzley, Stephen Wyatt and Bob Aubrey conducted interviews of CEOs of successful companies in the region to discern patterns and highlight a regional model of management.

With feedback from state-linked enterprises, startups, ASEAN and foreign multinationals, they compiled issues that companies in ASEAN now confront, changes needed to tackle them and expectations from their business partners.

Insights for management, leadership and HR in Southeast Asia

The team relates leadership, operational and human resources advantages and weaknesses to educate both insiders and outsiders of ASEAN. Thanks to these insights, they discern some key obstacles but also values, methods and strategies for companies and business leaders who want to succeed across the region.

An ASEAN leadership model – summary

Research goals – slide 2

  • 5 reasons why Southeast Asia matters – slide 3
  • 7th largest market with lower volatility – slide 4
  • ASEAN populationslide 5
  • More emerging and middle class consumers – slide 6
  • ASEAN country competitiveness – slide 7
  • Billion dollars companies headquartered in ASEAN – slide 8
  • ASEAN median age – slide 9
  • Diversity – slide 10
  • Two other trends that matter – slide 11

Leading in ASEAN – slide 15

  • What is a Regional Management Model? – slide 16
  • Management spans 2 ASEAN pillars – slide 17
  • Objectives – slide 18
  • What the ASEAN model could look like – slide 19
  • 6 conclusions from the interviews – slide 20
  • CEOs talked about the ASEAN way – slide 21
  • CEOs talked about stakeholders – slide 22
  • CEOs talked about ASEAN values – slide 23
  • Malakasit: an authentic ASEAN management concept – slide 24
  • Musyawarah and mufakat – slide 25
  • The actions companies can take for ASEAN – slide 26
  • How CEOs view the ASEAN leadership management model – slide 27
  • ASEAN management and leadership challenges – slide 28
  • How CEOs assess ASEAN – slide 29
  • How CEOs see ASEAN Management Gaps – slide 30
  • How CEOs see leadership development – slide 31
  • Can HR play a strategic role? – slide 32
  • Appendices – slide 34

Presentation from October 2016 by Michael Netzley

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