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ASEAN management model

Enhancing management and leadership in ASEAN

With the rapid growth of the region, companies in Southeast Asia face various challenges to manage their operations and lead their teams. The following presentation draws on the experience of many CEOs in ASEAN to assess these challenges, propose methods to tackle them successfully and prepare for the future. Continue reading

ASEAN business strategy

How to define a strategy for business in ASEAN

Southeast Asia is an attractive region for business growth, and the coming together of the ASEAN Economic Community is yet another vector of great opportunities. To help companies forge their ASEAN strategies, this report sums up how and when global and ASEAN companies can succeed through a regional approach. Continue reading

Family business in Southeast Asia

Family business management in Southeast Asia

Many successful businesses were developed by a single family. Yet managing and transmitting a family business can sometimes lead to tensions and put the company at risk. This survey presents the specificity and challenges of the management and transmission of family businesses in Southeast Asia. Continue reading

6 lessons for entrepreneurship

6 useful lessons for entrepreneurs

Since the founding a blog that would later become the marketing sofware company Moz, Rand Fishkin went through various ups and downs as an entrepreneur, CEO and marketer. Here are some very useful experiences that he shares through the story of the company he founded and his personal impressions. Continue reading

Simon Sinek TED talk

Why good leaders inspire safety

New TED talk by Simon Sinek in which he presents how great leaders make their teams feel safe. By giving different example of situations and a perspective of the need for safety in human evolution, he shows the difference between leadership and authority, and how business leaders can manage their teams better. Continue reading