US business outlook in ASEAN 2018 [report]

US business oultook in ASEAN 2018

American companies in ASEAN are benefiting from the region’s growth potential and experiencing its dynamism. With an optimistic outlook for Southeast Asia’s economic and business growth, US businesses share their sentiments, perspectives and challenges in this insightful report.

Every year the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in association with the US Chamber of Commerce release their ASEAN business outlook report: a survey of American companies doing business in Southeast Asia, based on the responses of more than 2800 senior business executives in US companies throughout the ASEAN region.

This barometer of US business sentiment details views and opinions of business leaders in Southeast Asia. The report provides feedback from business leaders in American companies in various domains of business, sales, trade, investments, profits…

Highlights from US businesses in ASEAN for 2018

Key points that make ASEAN very attractive for business:

  • Economic growth of Southeast Asia
  • Growing middle class of ASEAN country, especially in Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia
  • Sectors with most interesting growth perspectives:
    • wholesale / retail
    • software / IT / telecoms
  • Regional integration of ASEAN, notably through the ASEAN Economic Community
Advantages of ASEAN for business
Advantages of ASEAN for business – extract from the report

ASEAN remains a very attractive region for business, many respondents expects to grow their businesses throughout the region in 2018, primarily in the following countries:

The ASEAN Economic Community integration – AEC –  should focus on the following arreas for business:

  • fighting against corruption
  • elimination of non-tariffs to trade
  • increasing transparency
  • working towards good governance

Concerns for business in Southeast Asia:

  • though it remains strong, US executives see a softening sentiment for business perspectives in the region
  • the closer relations between ASEAN countries and China could hurt US companies if the US implemented economic sanctions against China
  • corruption (exccept in Singapore and Brunei) as well as laws/regulation still are considered as hindrances for US businesses

ASEAN business outlook 2018 – Summary

ASEAN business outlook survey 2018
Click to view the full ASEAN business outlook survey 2018 pdf
  • Foreword from the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to ASEAN – page 3
  • Preface from AmCham Singapore and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – page 4
  • ASEAN and the United States – page 5

CEO Perspectives

  • Riding the ASEAN Tigers – page 6
  • What Business Leaders on the Ground in Singapore Are Saying – page 9

ASEAN Business Outlook Survey 2018

Executive Summary – page 12

  1. Economic Outlook – page 13
  2. Global Relations & Trade Agreements – page 20
  3. ASEAN Economic Integration – page 24
  4. Business Expansion In ASEAN – page 27
  5. Workforce Demographics – page 30
  6. SME Outlook – page 34
  7. Current Local Business Environment – page 37
  8. Change in Satisfaction of Local Business Environment (2012 vs. 2017) – page 39

Country Profiles

  • Brunei Summary Report – page 40
  • Cambodia Summary Report – page 42
  • Indonesia Summary Report – page 44
  • Laos Summary Report – page 46
  • Malaysia Summary Report – page 48
  • Myanmar Summary Report – page 50
  • The Philippines Summary Report – page 52
  • Singapore Summary Report – page 54
  • Thailand Summary Report – page 56
  • Vietnam Summary Report – page 58

Special Perspectives

  • SMEs Making a Difference in Southeast Asia – page 61
  • Transforming Lives: American Corporate Citizenship in Action – page 62
  • Business Leaders’ Perspectives – page 72
  • Profile of Respondents – page 74
  • Survey Methodology – page 76
  • Acknowledgments – page 77

ASEAN business outlook from previous years.

In order to compare the sentiments of US business leaders in more details from previous years, you can also find the previous reports here:

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