US business outlook in ASEAN 2016

US business oultook in ASEAN 2016

American companies in ASEAN are benefiting from the region’s growth potential and experiencing its dynamism. With a rather optimistic outlook at the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community integration, US businesses share their sentiments, perspectives and challenges in this insightful report.

Every year the US Chamber of Commerce in association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore release their ASEAN business outlook report: a survey of American companies doing business in Southeast Asia, based on the responses of more than 500 senior business executives in US companies

This barometer of US business sentiment details views and opinions of business leaders in Southeast Asia. The report provides feedback from the “optimistic” business leaders in American companies on various domains of business, sales, trade, investments, profits…

Highlights from US businesses in ASEAN for 2016

Key points that make ASEAN very attractive for business:

  • Growing middle class in most ASEAN country, with the Indonesian middle class, for example, set to reach 140 million people by 2020
  • Increasing level of consumption
  • Regional integration: official launch of the AEC on 31 December 2015
Advantages of ASEAN for business
Advantages of ASEAN for business – extract from the report

ASEAN remains a very attractive region for business, many respondents expects to see the following benefits in 2016:

  • increases in sales
  • expand investments
  • grow workforces

The ASEAN Economic Community integration – AEC –  will provide new benefits:

  • elimination of intra-regional tariffs through ASEAN FTAs
  • liberalization of services and investments
  • easing customs and procedures in the region
  • bring new opportunities for trade, as ASEAN develops its relations with other countries: Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan and Korea

Concerns for business in Southeast Asia:

  • Though they remain generally optimistic, recent challenges in the region have made US business leaders moderate their expectations
  • Corruption remains a major challenge to business
  • Laws and regulation and inadequate infrastructures is also frequently mentioned as a source of problems

ASEAN business outlook 2016 – Summary

ASEAN business outlook 2016 report
Click to view the full ASEAN business outlook survey 2016 pdf
  • Preface – page 2
  • Executive Summary – page 3sales
  • 1. Economic Outlook – page 4
  • 2. Business Expansion in ASEAN – page 8
  • 3. Environment for U.S. Business – page 12
  • 4. Regional Integration & Trade Agreements – page 15
  • 5. Corruption Risks for Long-Term Business Operations – page 21
  • 6. Expatriate Recruitment & Retention Factors – page 24
  • 7. Current Local Business Environment – page 28
  • 8. Change in Satisfaction of Local Business Environment (2010 vs. 2015) – page 30
  • Brunei Summary Report – page 32
  • Cambodia Summary Report – page 34
  • Indonesia Summary Report – page 36
  • Laos Summary Report – page 38
  • Malaysia Summary Report – page 40
  • Myanmar Summary Report – page 42
  • Philippines Summary Report – page 44
  • Singapore Summary Report – page 46
  • Thailand Summary Report – page 48
  • Vietnam Summary Report – page 50
  • Technical Appendix: Business Expansion in ASEAN – page 52
  • Profile of Respondents – page 55
  • Survey Methodology – page 57
  • Acknowledgements – page 58

US Chamber of Commerce report: ASEAN business outlook 2015ASEAN business outlook 2015

In order to compare the sentiments of US business leaders in more details from the previous year, click on the cover of the 2015 report to open the ASEAN business outlook 2015 PDF.


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