Ultimate list of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Southeast Asia

Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Southeast Asia

Foreign businesses and professionals in Southeast Asia can often get help from their country’s Chamber of Commerce. Here is a complete table of links to the websites of all the major Chambers of Commerce and Industry and business associations from major partner countries in each of the ten ASEAN countries.

Foreign Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations can often provide a first touch point for businesses and professionals that want to expand in new countries, information on the market, temporary premises for rent or even consulting services.

They also enable the more seasoned companies and businesses already established in their desired market to find new business contacts and partners, interesting events and networking opportunities. For the more connected ones, they can even become interesting communication relays.

Crossed table of all foreign Chambers of Commerce & major Business Associations in the ten Southeast Asian countries

In order to help those who need to easily and quickly find some, or many, of the foreign Chambers of Commerce in Southeast Asian countries, we have compiled an ultimate table with hundreds of the major foreign business associations in all ten ASEAN countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei – from their major trading partner countries:

  • Europe and European countries
  • the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  • China and Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India
  • ASEAN countries that have a local chamber of association in fellow ASEAN countries
  • and the main national chambers are also included in the reciprocal cells, as well as a few other interesting business associations

Remark: the links for the American chambers in Laos and Myanmar are currently only chapters of the US Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

Chambers of Commerce in Southeast Asian countries on Twitter

To help you stay informed on the activities of the Chambers of Commerce in Southeast Asia, we have created a Twitter list of the ones that we found there. You can check what they are up to here or follow the whole list to stay in touch with them all. Of course don’t forget to follow @ASEANUP too! 🙂

Help us keep the list of foreign chambers in ASEAN useful!

In order to keep the list up-to-date and useful for all, please make sure to report in the comments any mistake or new interesting website that you found for the countries that are still not represented. In the same manner, do not hesitate to warn us of any Southeast Asian Chamber of Commerce Twitter account that we didn’t enter in the Twitter list.

What do you think of it? Is it useful? Did we miss something? Leave your comments!

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