Convenience store market in Ho Chi Minh City [market analysis]

Convenience store market in Ho Chi Minh City

The booming activity of Vietnam creates new opportunities in several economic sectors, including retail. Like other big cities of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City sees chains of convenience stores rapidly expanding throughout its districts, providing new services for the population to buy products locally.

Convenience stores in Vietnam come in competition with more traditional local family stores and with already well-established supermarkets. To find their place in the broader retail market of Vietnam, they have to expand rapidly in several locations so as to really deliver the “convenience” of their services: local availability for the quick purchase of specific products or needs and emergencies out of usual business hours.

While convenience stores were barely present in Vietnam only a few years ago, local and foreign chains are now battling fiercely to gain a dominant position in the country. With leaders like Circle K and Family Mart, many challengers are also growing in Ho Chi Minh City and around Vietnam.

Whether you are interested in retail outlets of Vietnam or how to reach inhabitants of Ho Chi Minh City to sell them your products, the following market study will provide a lot of interesting insights on the convenience store market of the city.

Convenience store shopping behaviors in HCMC – summary

  • Convenience stores in Vietnam – Feb 2017 – slide 3
  • Convenience stores in Ho Chi Minh City by district – slide 4

Convenience store shopping behavior – slide 5

  • Top brands image of convenience store – slide 6
  • Shopping frequency at convenience store – slide 7
  • Convenience store recognition and usage – slide 8
  • Convenience store usage – slide 9
  • Convenience store: store exposure vs market share – slide 10
  • Products bought at convenience store – slide 11
  • Convenience store with “good food” image – slide 12
  • Convenience store – canteen experience – slide 13
  • Food eaten at convenience store canteen – slide 14
  • Traditional store vs convenience store: Products bought – slide 15
  • Traditional store vs convenience store: Store images – slide 16

Audience profile – slide 17

Presentation by Q&Me Vietnam Market Research from August 2017

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