Insights on the fashion industry in Vietnam [market analysis]

Vietnam fashion survey

Fueled by the growing middle class, the fashion and garment industries are booming in Vietnam. With fierce competition between local and foreign companies, both in traditional retail and e-commerce, here is some information to navigate the market and understand fashion buyers’ consumer behaviors. 

The taste for fashion is rapidly expanding in Vietnam as young generations, especially women, aspire to a modern lifestyle. The numerous factories in Vietnam producing for large international brands also enable them to serve the Vietnamese market and provide high quality clothes, shoes and accessories at low prices.

Consumer behaviors trends for fashion and garments brands in Vietnam

Competing against global brands and local discount markets, Vietnamese producers are also developing their own brands to distribute in the country, creating a very diverse offer for the Vietnamese consumers. This first presentation dives into more details about brands and consumers trends in Vietnam, both for online and offline fashion distributors.

Survey about Fashion behavior and interests in Vietnam – summary

  • Purpose – slide 2
  • Profile – slide 3
  • Interests in fashion – slide 4
  • Information source – slide 5
  • Purchase frequency – slide 6
  • Monthly purchase amount – slide 7
  • Budget for the items – slide 8
  • Location to buy fashion items – clothes – slide 9
  • Associated keywords – slide 10
  • Popular e-commerce sites – slide 11
  • Reference
    • Advantage of local fashion shop – slide 12
    • Fashion apparel chains in Vietnam – slide 13
  • Priorities to buy fashion items – slide 17
  • Brands recognition – Clothes brands – slide 18
  • Brands recognition – Shoes brands – slide 19
  • Brands that Vietnamese want nearby: Clothes – slide 20
  • Brands that Vietnamese want nearby: Shoes – slide 21
  • Summary – slide 22

Vietnamese women’s media

As seen before, Vietnamese women are particularly interested in fashion. In order to provide more information about the way they get informed on the latest fashion trends, this second slideshow provides more details about their tastes in media, notably including preferences on the fashion related media.

Other media covered here also give more insights into the online actors of entertainment, baby and child care, as well as cosmetics. Check this other resource for more information about women and men tastes in cinema in Vietnam.

Popular media among vietnamese female – summary

  • Overview – slide 2
  • Income / Spending – slide 3
  • Brand recognition – slide 4
  • Site comparison by media – slide 6
  • Websites for cosmetics – slide 7
  • Websites for fashion – slide 8
  • Websites for baby / child care – slide 9
  • Websites for entertainment – slide 10

Presentations by Q&Me from February 2017 and December 2016 respectively

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