Vietnamese tastes in cinema [market analysis]

Vietnamese tastes in cinema

The opening of the Vietnamese economy and society has a deep impact on its people’s uses and habits. In the entertainment industry, the diversification of movies on offer is changing tastes and interests. Here are some insights on cinema in Vietnam, from frequency to movie preferences and origins of movies.

The younger generation in Vietnam is rapidly evolving from the traditional cultural interests to foreign and international habits. With Hollywood blockbusters coming in the country, together with European and East Asian productions, the movie offer impacts the demand for entertainment, which in turn modifies the Vietnamese cinema industry.

The Vietnamese shifting tastes in cinema

This appetite for modernity is also at work in the interests and preferences for movie theaters. New, modern movie theaters now attract more and more customers, so the more established movie theaters have to adapt and refresh their style and processes.

These new tastes and habits in movie theaters, movie genres and origins of movies seem to be more prevalent in the younger demographics. The taste for modernism and international culture will therefore most probably become more and more important as the young get older and get replaced by even more internationalized generations.

Reporting on the interests for cinema of the Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the following study by Q&Me highlights some of these changing trends in tastes and behaviors.

Vietnamese with movies and theaters survey – summary

  • Frequency of going to cinemas – slide 2
  • Frequency of going to cinemas by gender – slide 3
  • Frequency of going to cinemas by city – slide 4
  • Frequency of going to cinemas by age – slide 5
  • Movies type preference – slide 6
  • Movies type preference by gender – slide 7
  • Movies type preference by age – slide 8
  • Cinema preference – slide 9
  • Cinema preference by city – slide 10
  • Cinema images – slide 11
  • Cinema images by city – slide 12
  • Movies origin preference – slide 13
  • Movies origin preference by gender – slide 14
  • Popular Vietnamese movies – slide 15
  • Survey information – slide 16

Presentation from September 2016 by Q&Me Vietnam Market Research

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