Overview of the Vietnamese coffee industry

Vietnam's coffee industry

Vietnam is a wolrd-leading producer and exporter of coffee beans. But the country is also home to a solid culture of consuming hot and iced coffee. Here are some details on the coffee consumption habits in Vietnam as well as an overview of the production of coffee beans and challenges of the industry.

Vietnam is continuously ranked among the top producing coutries of coffee beans in the world, with a strong production of the robusta species. It has also long been one of the top consumers of coffee in Asia, a legacy of the former French colonization.

Here are two slide decks to dive further in the habits, trends and challenges that drive the coffee industry in Vietnam.

Coffee production and consumption in Vietnam

This first report presents the Vietnamese coffee industry, production, habits of consumption, value chain, key trends and challenges for anyone interested in production, trade or distribution of coffee.

For a more comfortable reading, it is quite suggested to open the report in full screen!

Vietnam’s coffee industry – summary

Background – page 2

  • Overview: Vietnam’s coffee industry – page 2

Vietnamese coffee drinking habits – page 4

  • Preference towards coffee type and drinking frequency – page 4
  • Preference towards coffee drinking place – page 4
  • Reasons for drinking coffee – page 4

Vietnam’s value chain – page 5

  • Plant protection substances help sustain production – page 6
  • Do foreign firms dominate the industry? – page 6
  • Domestic competing forces – page 6

Gearing up for sustainable growth – page 7

  • Challenges loom on the horizon – page 7
  • The bottom line… – page 8

Vietnamese coffee consumers’ habits

This second slide deck dives futher into the coffee culture in Vietnam. It presents the results of a survey on coffee shops preferences, spendings, tastes and habits of coffee drinkers in Vietnam, highlighting the consumer behaviors of the Vietnamese.

Survey about coffee consumption in Vietnam – summary

  • Frequency and occasions – slide 2
  • Types of coffee shops – slide 3
  • Popularity of coffee shops by type – slide 4
  • What they spend on and how much they spend – slide 5
  • Comparison of the coffee shops – slide 6
  • Types of coffee to drink – slide 7
  • Money to spend – slide 8
  • Reasons to choose – slide 9
  • Respondents profiles – slide 10

Presentations from July 2013 by Ipsos Business Consulting and August 2016 by Q&Me Vietnam Market Research

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