Mobile Internet in Myanmar

Myanmar mobile Internet

The mobile and Internet markets are very new in Myanmar and very few studies have been conducted to assess them. Through this presentation, On Device Research detail their findings about the opportunities, challenges and trends, leading brands and services in this fast-evolving interconnected technologies and industries.

Key points of the mobile and Internet industries in Myanmar

  • As of 2012, Internet penetration was only 1% and mobile penetration was 10%
  • As of 2012, two thirds of Burmese people were living in rural areas
  • Note: a recent census conducted by the Burmese authorities showed that the current population of Myanmar is only 51 Million, not 60-61 Million as previously thought
  • In the last 12 months prior to the study (conducted in June 2014) the number of mobile Internet users has doubled.
  • About half of Internet users are mobile-only users, without access to desktop or laptop computers.
  • Mobile Internet users refer to Internet as their primary media, with three quarters of them using it on a daily basis.
  • The use of mobile devices is strongly impacting the way of life of the Burmese people and how they communicate and get informed.
  • Burmese mobile Internet users are 71% men, 29% women, and 74% below 34 years old.
  • Huawei is dominating the mobile devices market.
  • The absence of feature phones and Apple devices makes Android the absolute leader of the mobile OS market, with 95% market share.
  • Favorite mobile devices brands are Huawei, Samsung and Apple.
  • Viber is the leader of chatting/messaging applications with 79% market share.
  • Facebook is used by 58% percent of users.
  • Burmese people predominantly use Internet to search, get news, watch videos and social networking, listen to music and emailing.
  • The average monthly income is low, with 55% of mobile Internet users surveyed living with 155 USD per month.
  • 41% the mobile Internet users surveyed hold a bachelor degree, 27% finished secondary school.

Presentation published in June 2014 by On Device Research

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