Free maps of Myanmar

5 free maps of Myanmar

Some maps of Myanmar can come in handy to detail ideas or projects for your website or blog, or to create your own maps. Here is a collection of copyright or royalty free, labelled and blank maps of Myanmar to be used directly as is, or to be elaborated upon to create beautiful modern maps that suit your purposes. Continue reading

Myanmar infographics

Myanmar: 4 infographics on population, wealth, economy

Recently opened to foreign business, Myanmar is emerging from decades of isolation to develop its economy and provide a better life to its relatively large population. This series of infographics presents key demographic and economic data of Myanmar, together with comparisons with other ASEAN and world-leading countries. Continue reading

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Myanmar

The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Myanmar [photo]

Though Myanmar is home to several exceptional natural and cultural touristic sites, it currently has only one site listed as a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO. However, this single site is formed of three ancient cities, which remains exhibit the ancient Buddhist tradition of Myanmar and its originality. Continue reading

Guide to taxes in Myanmar [brackets-incentives]

With a strong appetite for development, Myanmar has adopted a very accommodating fiscal regime. A low corporate income tax, a progressive but low personal income tax, no VAT but a light “commercial tax” and strong incentives, aim at attracting and helping companies to spur the development of Myanmar’s newly opened economy. Continue reading

Designing for rural people in Myanmar - TEDxInyaLake

Design can help rural Myanmar [video]

The opening of Myanmar enables businesses, NGOs and social enterprises to venture further in the country and tackle challenges of rural areas as well as of cities. In the countryside, a social enterprise is applying cutting-edge design principles to alleviate difficulties of farmers and rural inhabitants. Continue reading