Malaysia e-commerce: online shoppers’ habits

Malaysia e-commerce shoppers

This very well designed presentation details the consumer behavior and profiles of online shoppers in Malaysia. Anyone interested in the demand side of the Malaysian e-commerce landscape will find very useful and interesting data to grasp the preferences, psychology and uses of online buyers of Malaysia.

This presentation on the demand side of e-commerce is parallel to another one on the supply side about characteristics of online merchants in Malaysia.

Key points to understand Malaysian online shoppers

  • The main reasons that prevent Internet users to shop online is that:
    • they cannot touch ad feel the product
    • they feel e-commerce is not secure
    • they do not trust the seller
  • Shoppers generally buy online once a month (54%) or once a week (26%).
  • The vast majority of online shoppers in Malaysia spend less than MYR 500 (~150 USD) per month online.
  • Malaysian shoppers are primarily attracted to e-commerce for:
    • the ease of comparing and finding the best deals online
    • the discovery of interesting products
    • the exclusivity of special online deals
  • The top online commerce destinations include Groupon, Facebook, LivingSocial,,
  • Top categories of products bought by Malaysian online shoppers on local sites include:
    • Electronics
    • Fashion and accessories
    • Food and beverages
    • Health and beauty
    • Home
  • Top categories of products bought by Malaysian online shoppers on foreign sites include:
    • Fashion and accessories
    • Books and magazines
    • Hobby and arts
    • Toys and games
    • Electronics
  • Top categories that Malaysian shoppers do not buy online include:
    • Pets
    • Car and bikes
    • Sport and outdoor
    • Kid and maternity
    • Movies and music
  • Online shopping is driven by the following means:
    • Google search
    • Direct entry on the site
    • Facebook discovery
    • Recommendations from friends
    • Email promotions
    • Random finding online
    • Use of mobile applications
  • Online shoppers tend to shop at night.
  • Their favorite means of payment include credit cards, Internet banking and PayPal.
  • 75% of shoppers expect their online purchase to arrive home in 4 days or less.
  • The majority of online shoppers belong to the 26-35 years old range, slightly more females (51%).

The data used for this presentation was collercted in December 2013.

View this presentation published in Feb 2014 by CK Wong/e-commerce milo on slideshare.

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