Insights on candidates and hiring in Southeast Asia [report]

Southeast Asia talent trends 2016

The Southeast Asian workforce is now primarily made up of a new generation. With different habits and aspirations from their parents the “Millenials” also bring a shift in the way they approach their careers and their job hunting practices. At a time of change in Southeast Asia, here are some insights on how to attract and hire them.

The following slide-deck, created by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, presents the top trends of candidates and talents in the major countries of  Southeast Asia. It is based on the data collected by the professional social network human resources team and compiled to deliver insights for HR professionals, as they previously did for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

HR insights to attract and hire Millenials in Southeast Asia

In this presentation, LinkedIn Talent Solutions provide some key insights about candidates behavior and aspirations. They also detail how to build “social proof” to attract Millenials through their savvy social networking practices, to help  human resources professionals hire and retain them. The slide-deck notably highlights:

  • The very large population connected to social networks in  the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • The young median age of the Southeast Asian population, where “Millenials” therefore compose the bulk of the workforce.
  • Specific behaviors of Millenials: eagerness for interesting jobs and career opportunities, consciousness for work environment, company culture and values.

Candidate trends in Southeast Asia 2016 – summary

  • LinkedIn key information – slide 2
  • Top 3 talent trends to remember – slide 6

Social Media Adoption in Southeast Asia – slide 7

  • Social media users in Southeast Asia – slide 8
  • Time spent on social media in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam – slide 9

Demographics and behavior of the workforce – slide 10

  • Median age in Southeast Asian countries – slide 11
  • Millenials in Asia Pacific – slide 12
  • Aspirations of Millenials – slide 13

Career aspirations and job seeking behavior – slide 14

  • Perceptions towards jobs opportunities – slide 15
  • Aspiration to change jobs – slide 16
  • Interests in career advancement opportunities – slide 17
  • Lack of hiring companies information – slide 18
  • Interest in companies culture and values – slide 19
  • Getting hired through an employee introduction – slide 20

Keeping talent engaged and an always ready pipeline by creating social proof – slide 21

  • Executives as company culture ambassadors on social media – slide 22
  • Employees as brand ambassadors on social media – slide 23
  • Create a hub on social media – slide 24
  • The candidate journey on LinkedIn – slide 25
  • Top 6 takeaways – slide 26

Presentation from July 2016 by LinkedIn Talents Solutions

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  1. Attracting Millenials requires an innovative strategy, even when we look at recruitment.

    We observe that the market tries out new recruiting methods to attract a young talented workforce to join them. One thing that seems to prove its success is that Millenials prefer to use Social Media to connect with their employers, before the interview.

    Companies and employers that establish a fun, young, and innovative approach, are able to recruit a quality young workforce for their team.

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