FinTech startups in Vietnam [list]

Vietnam FinTech report

Vietnam has a dynamic startup environment with many entrepreneurs and companies engaged in the most promising sectors. And financial technologies – FinTech – have a lot promising applications in Vietnam as the country’s large population can profit from mobile technologies to access a growing number of innovative financial services.

The booming economy and enthusiasm for technology of the youth have helped the Vietnamese startup ecosystem to thrive beyond many countries in the region. Next to the traditional successful digital verticals, such as e-commerce and travel, new technologies and the omnipresence of smartphones are now spurring a revolution in the financial technology vertical, FinTech.

Numbers of Internet, social media and mobile users in Vietnam in January 2017

Vietnam: a promising land for Fintech

Just like in the Philippines, where mobile payment startups are rapidly expanding, Vietnam presents certain characteristics that make it especially interesting for FinTech startups:

  • large and young population of more than 90 million people
  • large part of the population living in rural / remote areas that have little access to banks or financial services
  • generally low penetration of banking and financial services
  • high penetration of mobile phones and relatively good Internet access

The following presentation dives into some details about the characteristics of Vietnam and presents the principal actors of FinTech in Vietnam.

Fintech Vietnam startup report – summary


  • Global index – slide 3
  • Vietnam digital marketing overview – slide 4
  • Vietnam population structure by age – slide 5
  • Vietnam Internet users – slide 6
  • Mobile online activities – slide 7
  • Media: Fintech News in Vietnam – slide 8


Overview – slide 10

Mobile payment – slide 12

Lending – slide 36

  • LoanVi – slide 37

Bitcoin / Blockchain – slide 38

PS Management & Facilitators – slide 42

Crowdfunding – slide 45

Personal Finance – slide 50

Data Management – slide 54

Comparison Sites – slide 57

Slidedeck by Christian Konig updated in June 2016

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