The potential for P2P lending in Singapore [market analysis]

Introduction to P2P leding in Singapore

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative form of finance for people and businesses who want to avoid traditional credit institutions. In Singapore, this innovative and direct approach to lending and borrowing spurs a new line of financial services where technologies and trust come together to challenge large banking and finance firms.

Singapore, an Asian center for P2P lending

Peer-to-peer – P2P – lending is a fast growing industry in the financial technology field. With numerous startups and associations involved in this disruptive form of funds exchange globally, the industry’s business model is to cut margins out of banks and traditional credit institutions by using technology to directly link lenders and borrowers.

As a major financial and technological hub of Asia with a solid startup ecosystem, Singapore is obviously well placed to become a leading center for P2P lending in the region. As P2P lending gathers more and more interest from the public the industry builds momentum for success in Singapore, both locally and as a regional hub.

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The case for peer-to-peer lending in Singapore – summary

  • Global views on P2P lending – slide 2

“The rapid growth of such “peer-to-peer” lenders has been one of FinTech’s most visible successes.”

-The Economist!

For more information on Financial Technologies in Singapore, check “Overview of FinTech in Singapore“. 

  • Defining P2P lending – slide 3

“Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending describes a method of debt financing, which allows individuals to borrow and lend money, reinventing the role of Financial Institutions as intermediaries.”

  • P2P lending landscape – slide 4
    • Europe
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Asia Pacific
  • Aspects of P2P lending – slide 5
    • Asset classes of loans
    • Types of lenders

P2P Lending models are evolving, with diversification of asset classes and liquidity providers.

  • Global P2P lending investments – slide 6
  • Case study: Singapore – slide 7
    • Singapore P2P lending: Supporters / Participants
    • Key highlights
    • Regulations
  • Contacts – slide 8

For further information visit the Singapore FinTech Consortium website.

Presentation from June 2015 by the Singapore FinTech Consortium

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